Nigeria Leads Africa in Crypto Interest: Shiba Inu Popular in South Africa

Over 600 Million SHIB Tokens Burned as Shibarium Acquires New Milestone

Cryptocurrency enthusiasm has spread worldwide, including in various regions in Africa. Over the years, the continent has consistently displayed a bullish attitude toward the industry. However, a particular country has stood out in terms of major interest. A recent report unveiled Nigeria as the African country with the highest level of cryptocurrency interest in 2023. […]

Top 10 Crypto Trading Platforms in Nigeria

Top 10 Crypto Trading Platforms in Nigeria

Given the variety of options available and the unique features each offer, picking the best crypto trading platforms in Nigeria takes a lot of work. As a fervent cryptocurrency investor, I closely monitor the activities of the leading Nigerian crypto trading platforms. I have chosen the ones below based on my research and experience over […]

Top 10 Smart Contract Auditing Companies in Nigeria

In the present age of digital transformation, more and more businesses are moving towards the deployment of smart contracts.

In the present age of digital transformation, more and more businesses are moving towards the deployment of smart contracts. Self-executing contracts in which the terms of the bargain between buyer and seller are immediately written into code are known as smart contracts. Smart contracts and Cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology and have the potential […]

Nigeria and Binance in Negotiation for a Digital City to Develop Blockchain Technology


Nigerian authorities and cryptocurrency platform Binance Holdings Ltd. are discussing the creation of a digital economic zone to assist entrepreneurs in accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology in the West African country. According to a statement from the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority, the partnership aims to build a digital hub “similar to the Dubai […]

Nigeria Tops the List as Most Cryptocurrency-Obsessed Nation Despite Market Crash


When the Central Bank of Nigeria clamped down on cryptocurrencies in 2021, many would have thought that would be the end of crypto adoption in the country. However, the fifth most populous nation worldwide remains highly interested in cryptocurrency, despite the ban and crash of the market in April. The market crash led to a […]

Nigerian Government Partners With Algorand Blockchain, Aims to Commercialise Intellectual Property Rights 


The West African country recently announced a partnership with the Developing African Group on a three-year Intellectual Property Right (IPR) agreement to improve the commercialisation of IPs within the country by using the Algorand blockchain. About the Partnership The collaboration will allow the Nigerian government to grant Developing African Group the exclusive license to develop […]

Why Tehlex is the King of Gift Card Exchanges in Nigeria

Why Tehlex is the King of Gift Card Exchanges in Nigeria

Trust is vital in today’s economy, even as the world is slowly adopting digital technology and using virtual currency as a means of payment. Without trust, online transactions will not be efficient and convenient.  The presence of technology in the commercial sector has eliminated many hindrances to trading goods and services. As a result, sellers […]

What Does Visa Partnership Mean for Bantu Blockchain?

Visa and Bantu Announces New Partnership Innovation is finally getting hold of Africa’s economic and financial space despite inadequate and unreliable infrastructure challenges. International fintech and leading digital payment service, Visa, has announced its partnership with the Bantu Blockchain Foundation. Visa pointed out that the collaboration aims to connect its digital asset-linked Visa cards to […]

Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders in Nigeria

The cryptocurrency industry took the world by storm in 2021, especially in emerging economies. According to a Chainalysis report published in October 2021, Nigeria ranks sixth in the global index of cryptocurrency adoption and second in Africa behind Kenya. Nigerians, especially young people, have turned to the cryptocurrency industry in search of “green pastures,” primarily […]