In 2 Hours, Ripple Moves 100M XRP, And Whales Shuffle 479M+ Tokens


The community has noticed a resurgence in whale activity in the past 24 hours, which resulted in the movement of over 479 million XRP tokens in just two hours, with Ripple accounting for 100 million tokens. The transactions occurred at the beginning of XRP’s most recent price recovery campaign, during which the asset reclaimed the […]

Whales Moves 392M XRP Around After Ripple Settlement Rumor

XRP's Astonishing 61,000% Surge in 2017 Unlikely to Repeat, Analyst Asserts

Recent days have seen information concerning significant XRP moves shared by Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency whale tracking service. According to the most recent transactions, whales are still moving huge sums of XRP to and from exchanges. According to Whale Alert, these high-net-worth cryptocurrency investors have moved a staggering 392,764,221 (392.76M) XRP tokens in the last […]

350M XRP Moved by Binance as Whales Push 528M Tokens


Despite the constant market volatility, XRP whale activity has recently increased, as evidenced by the latest observation of movements involving 528.6M XRP within a 24-hour period. These whale transactions are consistent with recent index changes that occurred at the beginning of the asset’s resurgence. The most recent batch’s most significant transaction was an outflow from […]

XRP Dips by 17% as Whales Move 234M XRP

XRP's Astonishing 61,000% Surge in 2017 Unlikely to Repeat, Analyst Asserts

XRP has not been spared in the tremendous bloodbath that is now taking place in the markets. Despite a positive start to the week, the cryptocurrency markets have met with major obstacles after reversing gains made in the previous seven days. XRP was affected by the slaughter as whale movements increased, with over 234M moving […]

1.2 Billion XRP From Ripple Locked In Escrow Without Any Token Release This Month


Data provided by Whale Alert indicates that Ripple placed a staggering 1.2 billion XRP in escrow. The primary distinguishing feature is that this month, Ripple released 0 XRP before locking them. Three different transactions were used to lock the 1.2 billion tokens. 500 million XRP, worth $230.36 million, were held in the Ripple Escrow Wallet […]

Utel University Students Can Now Pay Tuition Fees in Shiba Inu 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu has continued to show its worth in the crypto market. The second biggest memecoin is now venturing into the educational sector as Utel University, an online learning program in Latin America accepts tuition fees in cryptocurrency. The leading online university will also accept Bitcoin and 32 other cryptocurrencies, making it the first school […]