Allnodes Offers Non-Custodial System in Response to Terra Classic Community Debate

Allnodes Offers Non-Custodial System in Response to Terra Classic Community Debate

A non-custodial node management system directly accessible to all Cosmos chains has been announced by Allnodes. With the most recent update, consumers will have total control over their node information, claims the node hosting provider. Additionally, it specifies that only Tendermint validators will be hosted using the new system. The most recent change, briefly stated […]

Terra Classic Core Developer Addresses Allnodes Validator Issue

Burn Rate Rises Over Weekend, 5M Terra LUNC Burnt

In a Twitter thread yesterday, Terra Classic core developer Edward Kim added his voice to the discussion about Allnodes’ actions as a validator on the blockchain.¬† Allnodes’ commission will be increased in the following months. The developer stated that Notional Labs developer Jacob Gadikian was correct in his concerns about the validator’s operation.  According to […]

New Key Infrastructure With Allnodes  Delivered, Claims TerraCVita 

Terra Classic Regains Market Cap; Up 16% Over the Last Day

The critical Terra Station infrastructure has received its final update, according to Terra Classic Development Group, TerraCVita. In a tweet yesterday, TerraCVita announced that it had finished the final FCD endpoint update to enable independent hosting of the Terra Classic network. According to the release, the company accomplished the crucial Terra Station infrastructure requirement with […]

40M Terra Classic Burnt in a Day; 25M by a Single Wallet

The Terra Classic Network to Stop Terra LUNC Re-Mints

40M+ LUNC tokens have been burned in total during the last 24 hours, with 25M+ of those tokens coming from only one wallet. It’s going well with the Terra Classic (LUNC) burn initiative.  In the last 24 hours, the network has seen 14 burn transactions totaling 40,440,467 LUNC tokens, with one wallet burning up to […]

Allnodes Anti-Scam Services To Provide More Scam Protections To Terra Classic Community


In a tweet yesterday, network validator Classy told Terra Classic users of the new Allnodes service that they could now access extra security features to prevent scammers from taking their delegated tokens. Read: Developer of Terra Classic Makes Proposal That Could Effectively Burn $2 Million in LUNC While Also Establishing A Developers Pool According to […]