Allnodes Anti-Scam Services To Provide More Scam Protections To Terra Classic Community


In a tweet yesterday, network validator Classy told Terra Classic users of the new Allnodes service that they could now access extra security features to prevent scammers from taking their delegated tokens.

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According to the company’s blog post, the Anti-Scam Help service is available to anyone who uses Allnodes to stake assets in the Cosmos ecosystem. The service enables users to withdraw their undelegated assets as soon as the unbonding period expires.

Often, hackers were able to withdraw undelegated assets first when they gained access to wallets, beating users to the punch. Allnodes hopes to solve this problem with its new service.

Users can select between two Anti-Scam Help service options: the free Regular Service or the Premium Service, which charges a percentage of the funds recovered if Allnodes is successful.

In a disclaimer, Allnodes states that the service does not guarantee the recovery of user funds. It does, however, increase the chances.

Note that users of the Premium Service are not charged if recovery attempts fail. However, users of the Premium service, have a higher chance of recovering their funds since Allnodes broadcasts their withdrawal transactions to multiple network nodes rather than just one. Therefore, the withdrawal is more likely to be processed before the scammers with the Premium Service.

It is worth noting that the service is currently supported only by Keplr, Ledger, and Cosmostation wallets. As a result, in order to use the service, users must create a wallet with one of these platforms.

It is in addition to the scam protection proposals that have been passed on the Terra Classic chain to provide users with an added sense of security. Remarkably, scammers are increasingly targeting the LUNC community due to its growing popularity.

Additionally, Classy, who shared the Allnodes announcement, wrote a Terra Classic proposal that raised the minimum requirements for Terra Classic network users to initiate voting on proposals. The proposal was made in response to the increasing number of scam proposals on Terra Station.

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