Bukele shares the first model of Bitcoin City and its airport

Bukele shares the first model of Bitcoin City and its airport

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, published images of the urban planning of Bitcoin City, which he announced last year would be built in his country very soon.

Bukele shared some photos on his Twitter account where you can see a model or scale model of what would be the Bitcoin City, located in the valley of the Conchagua volcano. “Bitcoin City is looking very nice,” he said in the tweet.

As anticipated in November of last year (2021), the city will be built around a central square that would bear the Bitcoin logo. The photos shared by Bukele show buildings, road arteries, streets, recreation areas and a seaport.

The photos also detail what would be some squares, monuments and public spaces of the Bitcoin city.

In addition, photographs were shared of what would be the international airport to be built in the region and which would serve the city.

In the images, Bukele appears in conversation with Fernando Romero, a renowned Mexican architect who designed the New International Airport of Mexico City, a project whose construction was cancelled by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel López Obrador. However, the architect received international awards for his design.

Bitcoin City, a little surprise in the middle of the bear market

Bukele’s post takes the ecosystem by surprise amid a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin (BTC). In addition, yesterday, May 9, the president announced the purchase of 500 more BTC in the name of El Salvador, taking advantage of the low price of the cryptocurrency.

Given the state of emergency that has been running in the Central American country for more than 1 month and has sent more than 26,000 alleged criminals to prison, Bukele had not commented on Bitcoin and its adoption in El Salvador since then.

These would be the first concrete comments and actions on Bitcoin for a few months. However, it should be remembered that Bukele cancelled his participation in the Bitcoin Conference, held in Miami in April. Likewise, the “Volcano Bonds” launch is yet to occur, although, on May 2, Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya stated that they were waiting for Bitcoin to rise in price to issue them.

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