Kraken CEO Says He Will Never Bet Against Bitcoin


Jesse Powell, CEO of the leading American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, told Bloomberg recently that he would never bet against Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s first and largest digital currency, after his previous prediction last year failed. During the 2021 boom market, when BTC peaked at $69 000 per coin, Powell predicted that one bitcoin could buy […]

As BTC drops 5% from its peak, here are the price levels to keep an eye on

As BTC drops 5% from its peak, here are the price levels to keep an eye on

After $25,000 proves to be too much for Bitcoin bulls, familiar support zones are once again in the spotlight. On August 12, Bitcoin (BTC) started to decline as a widely anticipated decline from two-month highs started to materialise. BTC/USD 1-hour candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView Fear  that there may be a further fall? Prior to […]

Iran Accepts Imports With Crypto As Payment.


According to a local source, crypto could be part of international trade as Iran recently completed its first-crypto-funded import order. While the report did not state which cryptocurrency was used, the transaction went for $10 million.  This development allows the middle-eastern country to use digital assets to make international transitions without relying on the dollar-dominated […]

Nigeria Tops the List as Most Cryptocurrency-Obsessed Nation Despite Market Crash


When the Central Bank of Nigeria clamped down on cryptocurrencies in 2021, many would have thought that would be the end of crypto adoption in the country. However, the fifth most populous nation worldwide remains highly interested in cryptocurrency, despite the ban and crash of the market in April. The market crash led to a […]

Elon Musk Claims That Dogecoin’s Total Transaction Capacity Is Much Higher Than Bitcoin’s

Elon Musk Says The New Twitter Hexagonal NFT Profile Picture Feature is Annoying

Elon Musk, the CEO of the American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, has reiterated his support for the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE). Musk stated in a recent interview that Dogecoin is superior to Bitcoin (BTC) for payment processing because “the total transaction capability of Dogecoin is much higher than Bitcoin.” Read also: Voyager Will Return $270 […]

MicroStrategy CEO Steps Down Amid Firm’s Bitcoin Loss of $1 Billion.


MicroStrategy has been one of the top organisations to invest in Bitcoin ever since it started accumulating crypto in 2020. With the leadership of its CEO, Michael Saylor, the company used cryptocurrencies to hedge against inflation. So far, the leading organisation is one of the largest Bitcoin buyers, currently holding around 129,699 BTC. In a […]

Look To The Right (LTTR) Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments via BTCPay Server


Bitcoin can now be used as payment by one of the most popular search engine marketers, LTTR, via BTCPay. The Raleigh-based online platform made this development known in a press release. Look To The Right (LTTR) is an NC SEO company that claims to strive to offer top-tier search engine marketing services to its customers. […]