Yellow Card Review (2021): An Easy Platform To Purchase Bitcoins In Africa

Yellow Card Review (2021): An Easy Platform To Purchase Bitcoins In Africa

Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange and an online digital marketplace designed to buy and sell cryptos. It is one of the most secured and fastest exchanges that works as a mediator between buyers and sellers of digital money. The exchange offers various payment options to its users with attractive transaction charges that allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoins, own a digital wallet, and become vendors.

To increase digital money transactions globally, the exchange was launched in some African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, and Botswana. Since this expansion, it has grown to become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa, ensuring an inclusive market share value for crypto customers in the continent. 

History of yellow card exchange

Just like the Bundle Africa exchange, Yellow Card was a product of the creativity developed from the BinanceLabs program, made specifically to incorporate the availability of digital currencies into unreached regions of the world, especially Africa. It was created by Chris Maurice in 2016 and regulated by FinCen in the United States. It expanded into Nigeria and other African countries in 2019 and was registered in Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission. 


The recent partnership of Yellow Card with Baxi Box, a digital payment solution provider, has increased the exchange’s seamless experience. It has become easier to fund and withdraw funds from the platform. The exchange has partnered with other fintech companies in other countries, endorsing their goal of creating the exchange, which is adopting digital assets to many in the world.

Benefits of Yellow Card

The platform comes with amazing features that are very beneficial to users all over the world. It has simplified the use of crypto assets through numerous services and has created a level ground for digital transactions. You’ll find some benefits of Yellow Card below.

  • High Security 

Yellow Card assures users of high security in its system of operation. Its registration requires the user’s personal information, password, and a bank verification number. This helps to make sure the system is secure for transactions between different parties.

  • Quick Transactions

Transactions on the platform are done instantly and, at the same time, promising safety. These are done by using the Yellow Card app or on the website. Yellow Card exchange has made sure that customers are just a few clicks away from buying or selling cryptos through its app. 

  • Multiple Payment Methods

Many payment methods are accepted on the Yellow Card, and these methods are different in some countries. Cash, credit and debit card, and bank transfer are supported in the exchange. These payment options promote massive liquidity and make the platform easily accessible by millions in different countries.

  • Yellow Card Mobile app

The online marketplace employs the use of a mobile app for its function. The mobile app comes with a flexible and user-friendly interface that every user can easily relate to. The mobile app has granted the power of digital assets in the hands of people worldwide.

  • Referral Program

Yellow Card offers a chance to earn commissions by referring people to the platform through their referral program. The referral package comes with many levels, and the reward for referring people to the exchange platform is dependent on these levels. The referral program created an avenue for advertisement and expansion of the exchange.

  • Agent services

Users are given the incentive to earn money on the platform by working as an agent or merchant. This gives them the opportunity of receiving cash and payments from other users by giving out Yellow card PINs.

How Does Yellow Card Work?

Yellow Card has many services that it is known with. These services reveal the functionality of the app and are available to ensure quality service delivery.

  • Site/App Registration

Registration to use the platform can be done on the internet or by downloading the Yellow Card app. A user must properly fill the registration form with the required email address, password, and other details.

  • Crypto Trading

Yellow Card started with trading on bitcoin alone and gradually grew to adopting other cryptos like ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and Dash. To buy cryptocurrencies using the platform, registration with your email and password is first required. The choice of buying cryptos from the merchants working in the exchange is also available.

  • Yellow Card wallet

After registration on the exchange platform, two wallets are offered—one for the fiat currency and one for the cryptos. The Yellow Card wallet saves all the cryptos. The fiat wallet stores all the local currencies like USD, Naira, and others.

  • Yellow Card fees

The transaction charges taken by the exchange differ according to countries. This is the same as the platform’s limits, which also depends on your stage of verification.

  • Service Voucher

The instant service delivery rendered by Yellow Card has greatly improved over the years. Customers can request for Yellow Card Voucher and purchase it using cash. The voucher can be redeemed on the site and used to purchase cryptos instantly.

  • Platform Verification

There are three stages of verification for the exchange: Tier one, tier two, and tier three. For Tier 1 verification, the user must present a name, email address, phone number and date of birth. Tier 2 accepts a bank verification number, while tier 3 needs the user to upload a government-issued identity card like a national ID card.

How to Use Yellow Card exchange

To use the exchange, you need to register on the website of the marketplace with supporting details. You can also visit the Google Play Store to install the application.

Yellow Card—An Impactful Digital Marketplace

Yellow Card has made an unsullied reputation for itself since its inception as a digital crypto exchange due to its instant transactions, excellent crypto exchange rates, robust customer care support, and other services. It has joined the exchanges that have revolutionized the use of crypto assets in Africa and the world. Thus, you can rest assured it is very reliable and lawful to use.

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