What is Polymath (POLY)? How to Use and Buy It

What is Polymath (POLY)? How to Use and Buy It

What is Polymath?

Polymath provides the technology for designing, issuing, and managing security tokens on the blockchain.

Over 200 tokens have been issued utilizing Polymath’s Ethereum-based solution, instrumental in developing the ERC 1400 unified standard for security tokens on Ethereum.

The “Ethereum of security tokens” is Polymath. On the blockchain, businesses can distribute security tokens to investors.

Before using the platform, investors must successfully pass all legal compliance requirements, including identity verification and anti-money laundering procedures.

Who Are the Founders of Polymath?

Trevor Koverko and Chris Housser, two Canadians, are the founders of Polymath. Polymath was established while trying to tokenize a private fund.

What Makes Polymath Unique?

Although there is a vast market opportunity for security tokens, there are substantial obstacles to their acceptance by institutions. 

These hurdles are removed with Polymesh, the first such specialized chain from Polymath. Polymesh is an institutional-grade blockchain designed for security tokens. 

Identity, compliance, secrecy, and governance are the four most important components that issuers, investors, institutions, and regulators need and demand. 

These are the pillars of Polymesh. These four pillars facilitate more complicated procedures like settlement when combined. 

When it comes to creating and administering virtual securities, Polymesh’s specialization gives it, and the applications built on it, a definite advantage over general-purpose blockchains.

The blockchain can function in accordance with the requirements of modern financial markets thanks to the purpose-built infrastructure, which fills in the gaps in the classic blockchain design.

Along with designing Polymesh, Polymath also developed several tools on the chain that gives non-technical users a simple way to access the functionality of the chain. 

Polymath has the potential to revolutionize the capital markets by fusing user-friendly tools with Polymesh’s robust capability.

How Many POLY is in Circulation?

Issuers use the utility token known as POLY to build and maintain security tokens on the Polymath Token Studio on Ethereum. 

One billion POLY tokens are available overall. There are currently 924,998,413 POLY in circulation.

How is the Polymath Network Secured?

As part of their initial onboarding, Polymesh users are required to verify their identity with a recognized service provider. Each user now has a verified identity, which is what Polymesh is about. 

Although this requirement makes onboarding more complex, it offers the blockchain several projected long-term benefits and utilities, which could result in a rapid uptake by institutional and regulated users.

Depending on the assets they invest in and their jurisdiction, some Polymesh issuers and token holders will also need to submit to other ongoing audits, which could include accreditation audits. This maintains Polymath’s security.

How Can Crypto Investors Use Polymath (POLY)?

The POLY token has a variety of applications, including governance and staking. POLY tokens are utility tokens. 

They support internal Polymath blockchain transactions. They are also employed to cover network upkeep costs, compliance audits, and token generation.

Where to Buy POLY?

An increasing number of exchanges now provide trading pairs for POLY in fiat, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins. The largest markets include:


  1. Can I invest in Poly cryptocurrency?

Yes. In conclusion, the five-year price estimate for POLY indicates that it is a successful investment.

  1. In 2025, how much will Polymath be worth?

The price of POLY in December 2025 would be $1.77, based on the Polymath Price Prediction model.

  1. What are the uses of POLY?

Gas fees for creating or issuing security tokens are the token’s primary use.

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