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What is Kadena (KDA)? How to Buy and Use It

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Kadena is a public blockchain that optimizes scalability and introduces Pact, a new smart contract language that combines formal verification and upgradeable smart contracts. 

Kadena also implements a new proof of work (PoW) consensus technique known as Chainweb, which consists of multiple independently mined chains processing network transactions in parallel. 

This technique may enable high transaction throughput at the base layer without needing second-layer scalability or feature solutions.

KDA is the project’s native utility token, and it’s used to pay for computing power on the Kadena public blockchain.

Who Are the Founders of Kadena?

In 2016, members of JPMorgan’s Juno blockchain development team took the initiative and established Kadena. 

They include Will Martino, who served as the leading engineer for JPMorgan’s Juno blockchain prototype and the tech lead for the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s cryptocurrency steering committee, and Stuart Popejoy, who served as JPMorgan’s blockchain lead. 

Another key figure in the creation of Kadena was Dr. Stuart Haber, a co-inventor of blockchain technology and the writer of the Bitcoin whitepaper with the most citations.

What Makes Kadena Unique?

To increase speed and scalability, Kadena uses a braided design. The company claims that this design enables one blockchain to manage a set number of transactions while two chains can handle twice as many. 

Kadena stands out because its creators created a solution for connecting the blocks and hashes between the chains to create a single multi-chained network.

The blockchain employs the proof of work (PoW) consensus process despite Kadena’s focus on speed. PoW, according to the project, is the “only battle-tested consensus protocol” because of the alignment of its economic incentives with its regulatory friendliness.

Kadena has a programming language and dashboard that are simple to use to make it easier to create and integrate decentralized apps (dApps). 

As part of this strategy, the system makes the most frequent user operations simpler. Users won’t require any prior technical expertise to use Kadena’s essential services.

How Many Kadena is in Circulation?

The market has a supply of around 1 billion KDA. However, there are now only 212.58 million KDA in circulation.

How is the Kadena Network Secured?

Kadena uses the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus method in Bitcoin rather than the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism used by the rest of the DeFi industry to meet the security and throughput requirements financial services clients want.

Kadena braided several chains similar to Bitcoin to achieve high scalability without compromising security. 

It consists of the Layer-1 Chainweb public blockchain protocol and the Layer-2 Kuro protocol. Through their Pact smart contract language, both layers are compatible. 

Pact, a Turing-incomplete language explicitly designed for blockchains, is human-readable and different from most smart contract programming languages.

How Can Crypto Investors Use Kadena?

KDA, a cryptocurrency, is used to settle transactions on the Kadena public chain. 

Similar to ETH on Ethereum, KDA on Kadena is the transaction fee that users pay to have their transactions included in a block and the means through which miners are paid for mining blocks on the network.

Additionally, Kadena enables the creation and exchange of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), unique digital assets representing nearly anything.

As a result, the NFT market has gained much traction, and Kadena’s technological foundation enables it to provide several features that other blockchains have yet to offer. 

Companies can better govern their use of cryptocurrency thanks to Kadena, which isolates account names from keys.

Where to Buy Kadena?

To find out where to buy Kadena at the moment, the major cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Kadena stock are:


  1. Is it a good idea to invest in Kadena?

Yes. Based on prior trading trends, investing in Kadena could be wise.

  1. How much is Kadena going to be valued in the future?

According to the study, the price of Kadena in 2026 should range between $15.54 and $23.30, with the average price of KDA being about $19.42.

  1. Is Kadena superior to Ethereum?

Ethereum’s faster version, Kadena, is speedier than average, with a block time of roughly 1.5 seconds. 

Because of the usage of the proof-of-work technique, the benchmark Ethereum is extremely slow and expensive.

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