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What is Gala (GALA)? How to Use and Buy It

What is Gala?

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The Gala Games platform, which intends to bring lucrative gaming experiences on the blockchain, is powered by the Ethereum-based cryptocurrency GALA. 

The project aims to eliminate the apparent difficulties that blockchain players encounter when utilizing these platforms. 

The project’s goal is to prevent customers from shelling out a lot of money to buy in-game items before they even begin to play. 

To completely redefine blockchain gaming, Gala Games aims to give gamers even more power over their games and assets.

The digital utility token for the Gala Games ecosystem is called the GALA token. 

Who Are the Founders of Gala?

Gala Games’ CEO is Eric Schiermeyer. In addition, he helped develop Zynga, a well-known maker of social and mobile games. 

Gala Games was established in July 2019 by Schiermeyer, who has a reputation for working on cutting-edge gaming projects. 

Its goal is to build a blockchain-based game network and give players more control over their games. 

What Makes Gala Unique?

Gala Games is not just one game; it provides a wide selection of several blockchain games that prioritize pleasure above the blockchain. 

Town Star, the only playable game currently, is a browser-based simulation of a town. Similar to SimCity’s gameplay, players of Town Star truly own the town they manage.

Gala Games’ line of collectible NFT avatars is called VOX. Every VOX is different, and certain VOXs are more uncommon than others. 8,888 VOX were issued in the first drop at an average price of 0.0888 ETH or around $280 as of this writing.

 VOX is more than just an NFT avatar, despite being influenced by Town Stars. In the future, owners can play with their VOX avatars and lock up GALA to earn VOXcoin. 

Owners of VOX also receive their FBX file, which enables them to animate or 3D print their avatars in the future.

Many other games are being created. Community feedback is a critical factor in the creation of these games. 

Gala Games’ Discord community is a constant source of interaction and hypothesis testing. As a result, players can influence the games’ theme and layout.

Gala Nodes, which power the Gala network, can be run by users. They get benefits like GALA, exclusive NFTs, and other chances. 

A triple-proof node system makes up the Gala Node ecosystem, including proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS), and proof-of-storage.

How Many GALA is in Circulation?

There will be a maximum of 35 billion GALA tokens available overall. Approximately 7 billion GALA are in use right now.

Daily distribution of 17,123,286 GALA takes place at around 0200 UTC. The Gala Games conservatorship receives half of this GALA and distributes the other half to Founder’s Node operators.

How is the Gala Network Secured?

Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain power the GALA coin. The network’s nodes, known as the Founder’s Nodes, protect it. 

Gala Games limits the number of Founder’s Nodes that can safeguard the network and confirm in-game transactions to a maximum of 50,000.

The games made available on the Gala Games platform can also be voted on by nodes. 

You can manage a node by acquiring an account and running it on your computer. Node operators receive GALA according to a point system. 

One point is awarded for running a node for at least six hours in a cycle, and one point is deducted for each referral that runs a node for at least six hours. 

The GALA is divided among the points at the moment of distribution after adding up all the points.

How Can Crypto Investors Use Gala?

The founder’s nodes receive GALA incentives by assisting the ecosystem, making it possible for games to run. 

Top players in Town Star, the first game created for the Gala Games ecosystem, are awarded GALA tokens as part of the game’s reward system.

Gamers can use the currency on the Gala Games network to purchase in-game goods such as upgrades and stuff.

Large coin holders can vote and engage in governance discussions, giving their opinion on the platform’s protocols.

Because they are confident in its expansion, participants in the blockchain gaming ecosystem use the token as a store of value.

Where to Buy GALA?

GALA can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and traded on these specialist marketplaces. They are as follows:


  1. Is Gala a stable crypto?

Analysts anticipate a long-term increasing trend for the coin. Experts predict that by 2022, the coin will have reached $0.5 levels. 

If the present adoption rate continues, the currency might reach $1.1 by the end of the year. GALA’s stock might soar if its upcoming games are as successful as Town Star.

  1. How much is 1 GALA Coin to USD?

The current value of 1 GALA is $0.02.

  1. How does Gala Crypto generate revenue?

Gala creates non-fungible collectible tokens – digital assets — that may be used in their games. 

These NFTs are initially sold to the general public before being traded among users. Gala receives a 2.5% royalty commission on each purchase or sale of a Gala NFT.

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