Well-known Analyst Shares His Thoughts on the Future of XRP

Well-known Analyst Shares His Thoughts on the Future of XRP

Toray Kortan, a well-known crypto analyst in the XRP community who specializes in psychological market mastery, tweeted several times about his predictions for the future of XRP. The expert commented on the notion that a new all-time high (ATH) will occur, recommending caution and reason while adhering to whales’ tactics.

Kortan boldly asserted, disregarding the significance of market cap in establishing value, that he saw no reason why XRP could not reach price levels of $10 or even $100. He denounced the idea of market cap as an invention with no practical application.

While expressing his bullish sentiment towards XRP and the broader crypto market, Kortan urged caution and emphasized the need for rationality and patience. Notably, this call for caution comes after the recent report that XRP is being massively accumulated following Hinman’s email disclosure, where an expert suggested a possible 9,600% growth. 

However, the psychological market guru recognized that XRP’s ascent would take longer than expected, emphasizing that not everyone would become wealthy overnight. Kortan said, “I can’t see them letting all these people get rich overnight,” hinting that individuals hoping for huge gains quickly would be let down. 

While everything is possible, according to Kortan, it is imperative to approach investments logically and avoid depending on selling before a hypothetical high.

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Kortan Advised XRP Investors to Adopt the Whales Strategy

In addition, Kortan emphasized the value of patient expansion and well-timed purchases over pursuing an immediate return on investment of 100,000%. He says the secret to long-term success is aligning one’s approach with the whales, who make subtle moves to capitalize on bagholders’ dreams.

He said: “Play the same game as the whales. They need small moves and use the bagholders dreaming of fabricated price targets to fulfill their agenda to profit.”

When asked if a new ATH for XRP was ridiculous, Kortan responded that it was not improbable. However, he warned against hoping for a quick rise in just one market candle. He stated that the surge of inexperienced investors from 2021 would cause a massive shakeout before there could be any growth.

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