Unknown Wallet Accumulates About 685 Billion SHIB in Less Than 48 Hours


An unknown whale recently purchased 684.99 billion SHIB, equivalent to $14.19 million, through six transactions to her portfolio in less than 48 hours. 

Furthermore, the strange whale interacted with three different wallet addresses, including the fifth-biggest ETH wallet known as “BlueWhale0073.” The other two wallet addresses are from Binance, one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Transaction Breakdown

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The unknown whale bought about 312.50 billion SHIB worth $6.47 million through four significant transactions while interacting with two of the Binance Exchange wallets seen as “Binance 14” and “Binance 15”.

In addition, BlueWhale0073 sent 372.48 billion SHIB, worth $7.71 million, to the strange whale in two significant transactions.

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BlueWhale0073’s Active SHIB Transaction Since Robinhood Listing

WhaleStats recently noted that BlueWhale0073 purchased 70.60 billion SHIB, worth over $1.44M, through her second significant transaction, within the past 48 hours.

Earlier reports stated that the same whale has added 300,997,019,465 (300.99B) SHIB, worth $6,149,369 ($6.14M) to her portfolio through one transaction.

While analysing both transactions, Etherscan.io data shows that BlueWhale0073 has transferred 372.48 billion SHIB, worth $7.71M out of her total balance of 372.59 billion SHIB, to the mysterious wallet address via two separate transactions. As a result, “BlueWhale0073” now holds only 244.15M SHIB, worth $5,078 in her wallet.

On the other hand, the newly emerged mysterious whale now holds a whopping total of 7.23 trillion SHIB, worth $150.38 million in her wallet.

SHIB Overtakes FTT to Become the Highest USD Holding Among Ethereum Whales

This significant purchase has led SHIB to overturn FTX Token (FTT) to become the most prominent holding position by dollar value among the top 100 ETH whales.

According to data from WhaleStats, the top 100 ETH wallets now hold $972.46 million worth of SHIB.