Two Whales add Shiba Inu; one Adds 310B, and the Other Adds 220B


According to recent data, a brand-new Whale has recently amassed a mind-boggling 310,684,525,296 (310.68B) SHIB, valued at $2,830,336 in one significant transaction that took place roughly 5 hours ago. The transaction was placed through one of the “Coinbase 10”-tagged wallets connected to Coinbase.

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Another Unidentified Whale Amassed Shiba Inu, valued at $2 million:

Additionally, a second unidentified whale awoke and made a significant transaction, adding a massive 220,973,031,185 (220.97B) SHIB, valued at $2,008,644 ($2M), to her wallet. The unknown wallet currently has a tremendous 546,868,971,902 (546.86B) SHIB worth $4,992,913 ($4.99M) in it, according to statistics provided by

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The two mysterious Whales added a total of 2 different transactions worth $4,838,980 ($4.83M), or 531,657,556,481 (531.65B) SHIB, to their wallets in the last 24 hours.

 However, the price of Shiba Inu has yet to be directly impacted by the trend mentioned earlier. SHIB is currently trading at $0.000009084, down -1.05% from yesterday, and has had $89,904,166 ($89.90M) worth of trading activity in the previous day.


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