Twitter Bots: Data Suggests Dogecoin Has Over 1 Million Fake Followers While Shiba Inu Has None

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According to an active Twitter user and former official SHIB Growth Breed member, Gossip SHIB, Dogecoin’s official Twitter account has more fake followers than its crypto rival, Shiba Inu. The member shared a screenshot as evidence from one of the tools used to audit counterfeit followers on the social media platform to back up this claim.

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The tool suggests that Dogecoin’s official Twitter account has 3,401,438 (3.40M) people in the screenshot. However, a whopping number of 1,326,561 (1.32M) followers are recognised as “Fake.”

This analysis means Dogecoin comprises 39% of the fake Twitter followers. The tool defines “fake followers” as unreachable accounts and cannot see the account’s tweets (either because they’re spam, bots, propaganda, etc., or because they are no longer active on Twitter).

On the other hand, the tool claims Shiba Inu has 0% fake followers on its official Twitter handle. It also confirms that its official Twitter account has 3,387,678 (3.38M) followers. Furthermore, the data shows that the official Shiba Inu’s official Twitter page is only 13,760 followers away from beating Dogecoin in Twitter followers count.

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