Top Ethereum Whale Adds 142 Billion Shiba Inu as Price Dips Again


In the last 24 hours, the top Ethereum whale has devoured another 142.67 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB), worth $1.53 million.

The key stakeholder in Ethereum adds another 142.67 Billion SHIB, worth $1.53 Million, to her wallet as the dog-themed cryptocurrency falls further below its current support level of $0.00001125 on the 4-hour chart.

Taking advantage of lower prices, “BlueWhale0073,” the largest ETH Whale currently ranked 293 on WhaleStats, exchanged another $1,539,417 ($1.53M) to purchase 142,670,797,289 (142.67B) of Shiba Inu tokens in a single significant transaction.

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This is the whale’s second notable transaction in under 72 hours. Previously, on May 24th (Tuesday), she bought 86,740,251,500 (86.74B) SHIB for $1,015,728 ($1.015M) in a single transaction.

So far this week, BlueWhale0073 has amassed a staggering total of 229,411,048,789 (229.41B), valued at $2,555,145 ($2.55M), through two separate transactions.

Shiba Inu Fall Below Current Support Level As Dip Continues

The widespread selloff in the global cryptocurrency market, which began on May 9th, is far from over. Shiba Inu fails to defend its current support level on the 4-hour chart, $0.00001125.

Shiba Inu has broken through the previously mentioned support level and dropped to a new low of $0.00001012. SHIB is currently trading at $0.00001041, down -8.98 percent from the previous day, with a 24-hour trading volume of $526,510,828 ($526.51M).

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If the price of SHIB falls below $0.00001012, it will open the door to a retest of a historical support level at $0.00000909. On the other hand, the Bulls will only take control if SHIB trades consistently above the critical resistance level of $0.000013.

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