Top 5 Platforms for Initial Gaming Offering You Need to Know

Top 5 Platforms for Initial Gaming Offering (IGO)

Every blockchain game has to get off to a good start. A blockchain game’s development typically requires more funding after its initial release.

An initial game offering, which takes place on specialised platforms and enables potential players to invest in the game and receive a modest stake in return, is a tool that developers can employ.

The procedure is advantageous for investors as well as game producers.

We covered everything you needed to know about initial gaming offerings in our previous guide. Today, we’ll examine the top 5 IGO platforms. Read on to discover more.

Initial Gaming Offering: A Quick Overview

With the rise of GameFi, Initial Game Offering (IGO) is gaining popularity among crypto investors. IGO allows you to pre-purchase a blockchain game’s NFTs or tokens at its early development stage. Initial game offerings (IGOs) provide individuals with an opportunity to invest in gaming projects at an early stage that have the potential to offer huge returns after their launch.

IGOs are usually organised through launchpad platforms. Typically, investing through launchpads requires participants to lock the platform’s native token for a certain period of time. Depending on the project, participants can gain early access to the game’s tokens or NFTs.

Launchpads for Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) are the newest buzz in the crypto space, and the idea is similar to that of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Only in IGOs are gaming projects hosted on the platform that use NFTs or tokens as their in-game currency and awards.

Investors can expect a high return on their investment (ROI) after the gaming projects supplied by IGO launchpads are listed on significant cryptocurrency exchanges or become well-known in the expanding gaming community.

What is an IGO Launchpad?

Investors and innovative fundraising ventures can communicate through launchpads. Many early-stage blockchain gaming initiatives are hosted on an IGO launchpad. Investors buy the native token of the IGO launchpad and use it to finance donations to the selected IGOs.

Participants who want to invest in the project must either stake their tokens or lock them in a pool, depending on the launchpad platform. Following that, participants may obtain in-game tokens or NFTs needed to play the game. GameFi, Seedify Fund, and Binance NFT are a few well-known IGO launchpads.

The Top 5 IGO Gaming Launchpads

The five top IGO platforms for early blockchain gaming projects are listed below.

Binance NFT

You can invest in NFTs and in-game assets from various gaming projects using Binance NFT. The platform’s distinctive subscription system offers all users an equal chance to take part in IGOs. In order to guarantee fairness for all users, the system also employs public and verifiable algorithmic selection.

You basically need to connect into your Binance account and then click the Binance NFT tab in order to take use of Binance NFT. You can then select an IGO banner for an IGO you want to take part in on the Binance NFT webpage. The four stages of the participation process are typically preparation, subscription, calculation, and dissemination.


Through its IGO launchpad and NFT-based marketplace, the all-encompassing Gamestarter ecosystem raises the bar for supporting independent game development. Gamestarter also makes efforts towards the creation of top-notch blockchain games.

The Gamestarter platform is powered by the Ethereum-based GAME coin. You can purchase an NFT and other items on the platform anyplace you have a GAME token. The platform also covers any IGO failures or team misconduct with a 300k USDT insurance policy.


The expansion of the Enjin ecosystem and the metaverse is the primary goal of the Enjinstarter gaming launchpad. It enables creators to launch fundraising campaigns and establish blockchain communities. The platform aids initiatives in developing long-term plans and starting effective campaigns.

Enjinstarter has also developed a number of projects, including as the Pixelverse, an NFT metaverse for games, Project Defina, a blockchain game platform where players may play to earn, and Gaia Everworld, a fantasy game where players can explore territories and establish kingdoms.


Blockchain games and metaverse projects can be found at GameFi. In order for the general public to use them, it is employed to create digital communities and manage virtual economies. The lifecycle of the gaming project is covered by its solutions.

Based on your $GAFI staking amount, the site includes a ranking system: Legend, Pro, Elite, and Rookie. When deciding on individual allocations, the number of tokens allotted to each IGO pool is taken into account.

To join the IGO pools, GameFI members must at least gain Rookie status and finish KYC. However, participation in community pools is not required to meet this need.


Speedify helps blockchain game projects with marketing and community building in addition to finance. For instance, you might use SFUND, the community token of Speedify, to fund a game project.

You contribute greater weight to the pool of investors the more you invest. The incentive structure is a nine-tier scheme, with the first tier using a lottery approach for token distribution and the subsequent levels guaranteeing a share.

From marketplaces like Pancakeswap and Kucoin, you can purchase SFUND. You must use the same wallet that you gave for the KYC procedure in order to participate in its IGO. To take part in launchpad events on a centralised exchange, you must first transfer your tokens to other wallets, such as Metamask or Trustwallet.

Bottom Line

The key motivation for an investor to purchase an IGO is to participate in the project from the outset. Despite the numerous risks, if the initiative is successful, the first investors may profit.

IGO and IGO launchpad investments can be made just like any other investment. IGOs offer a cutting-edge way for game developers to fund their projects using blockchain technology.

We are aware that purchasing an IGO is risky, thus we highly advise you to carefully select your project, assess your degree of risk tolerance, and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making an investment.

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