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Top 5 NFT AR Projects to Follow in the Crypto Winter

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One of the harshest “winters” in the 12-year history of the cryptocurrency market is currently underway. Some pessimistic views believe that things will only get worse. Expert traders understand, however, that things are not as hopeless as they appear.

Contrarily, fresh and ground-breaking NFT AR projects continue to emerge on the market, providing us a hint as to how hopeful the new “crypto spring” may appear.

We know how horribly depressing it is to wait for the crypto winter to end. Therefore we have created a list of the top 5 projects to keep an eye on during this time. Discover the projects that are still keeping the flame going in these gloomy and frigid times by reading on!


In the play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse known as CryptoBlades, users can utilise NFTs to explore the expansive AR world known as Omnus. Riveted Games, a top-tier firm with numerous accomplishments and accolades on Steam, is the game’s development studio. 

Additionally, their staff has more than seven years of experience in the industry. Gamers can enjoy themselves while making money on CryptoBlades. 

An in-game currency known as SKILL tokens can be won by players by fighting other players with strong weapons. They can also make characters, weapons, and potencies to level up their existing ones. Working together on P2E and metaverse projects is one of the most intriguing alliances in the market for CryptoBlades and Hololoot.


CryptoZoo, a very entertaining P2E game with cutting-edge visuals, is the best result of the Hololoot-CryptoBlades partnership (so far). Through adorable animal depictions of the tokens, the game’s atmosphere brings the largest tokens to life.

Players in CryptoZoo take care of the AR NFT animals that are part of the Hololoot collection. The most well-known animal and original Holocat mascot is Holly. The AltcoinBuzz Tiger, the Binance Shiba Inu, the Bitcoin Whale, the Polkadot Flamingo, and the Etherhino are some of the zoo’s other well-known inhabitants.

Players receive a variety of benefits in exchange for their participation, such as AR NFT airdrops for PIXEL holders. Despite still being in production, the game will soon be available. A second airdrop is already in the works for the squad.


A blockchain-based ecosystem called Enjin offers NFT solutions that make it simple for consumers, companies, and developers to use these assets. By making it easier for gaming producers to employ blockchain technology, the project encourages them to do so.

By providing a comprehensive set of tools, Enjin connects conventional gaming with new-generation, blockchain-based GameFi. It can be used by both gamers and game developers to better understand the new technology and take advantage of or create seamless gaming chances. Development kits (SDKs), which let customers make things fast and incorporate them into games or applications, are the leading  products.

On the Ethereum blockchain, developers can create projects and applications using the Enjin Network. They can take advantage of the network’s high security requirements in this way. Additionally, Enjin permits them to use JumpNet, an unique scaling method, in order to save money on expensive gas. Enjin and all of its resources are open to everyone without cost. 

However, some ENJ tokens are needed to produce NFTs. The latter is the project’s native token that powers the growing Enjin ecosystem of users, developers, and games. Last but not least, Enjin is the core technology that powers Hololoot and enables users to rapidly, simply, and affordably develop AR NFTs. The business supports several initiatives and shows leadership in the early stages of growth. Enjin recently became the first metaverse/NFT project after receiving the sixth Polkadot para-chain auction.


The first ever augmented reality (AR) non-fungible token (NFT) generator, marketplace, and metaverse is called Hololoot. This Swiss business suggests a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides a distinctive metaverse experience.

The project creates AR NFTs for usage in a variety of apps, P2E games, or just for trading and collecting. Additionally, it offers a multi-functional NFT marketplace where users can purchase, sell, or exchange their NFT assets.

Users can create their own AR NFTs, upload them to the ecosystem, and trade them in the market thanks to the platform’s AR NFT Generator. Artists, creators, and NFT collectors might thereby gain access to extraordinarily valuable prospects. Additionally, customers can select to buy both the virtual asset and the real piece of art in the metaverse after viewing an NFT in the AR viewer.

For the purpose of generating funds and revenue within its network, Hololoot uses two tokens. The first one is $HOL, which entitles users to benefits like exclusive NFT drops and discounts on real-world assets. In contrast, users can profit by staking $HOL with the second token, PIXEL. Users of Hololoot are encouraged to keep their possessions for a long time by the PIXEL farming incentive.

 A larger audience now has access to Hololoot’s 3D metaverse because of the Android app that was made available in July. The project’s collaborations with high-performing businesses and its AR NFT collection are now fully accessible to users.


In conjunction with the contemporary artist Demsky, the Coinbase-backed metaverse firm Anima unveiled Mirror, their largest AR NFT project to date, an AR platform. Digital sculpture Mirror serves as a portal to the metaverse.

Mirrors are augmented reality NFTs, an extension of Demsky’s otherworldly physical creations, that can be interactively developed through global exploration.

The project’s “8,888 one-of-a-kind AR NFTs” were distributed with a mysterious set of locations worldwide in order to provide a global experience. The sculptures were given an evolving feature that enables them to change their appearance, sound, and tokenized metadata when positioned at those revealed coordinates as part of their immersive shapes and various dimensions.

Through real-world actions, Mirror aims to increase AR interactions and experiences. According to Anima, this release demonstrates their ability to produce truly interactive augmented reality experiences, and owners will join a group of adventurers who will cross all physical and technological barriers to experience a blended reality that can only be experienced in the camera metaverse.


These 5 NFT Augmented Reality (AR) projects should help you decide which causes to support before the next round of the crypto spring. Go ahead and examine them and all of the options they offer. We hope you  stay warm and occupied during the crypto winter with these projects.

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