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To Reduce Reliance on Terra Station, Terra Classic Introduces LUNC Wallet

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To lessen reliance on the Terra Station and TFL, the Terra Rebels have introduced their own Terra Classic wallet.

Today’s launch of the Rebel Station was announced by the Terra Rebels in a tweet with the hashtag “Another step towards autonomy.”

“With the ardent efforts of the Frontend Team, Rebel Station is ready for launch,” according to the Terra Rebels’ release.

It is important to note that the Terra Rebels’ response to the Terra Station is the Rebel Station.

Although some have pointed out that the UI resembles that of the Terra Station, like @reXxTerraRebels, AKA reXx, emphasized, the main distinction is that it eliminates the reliance on Terraform Labs.

As the Terra Rebel noted, there would be less downtime needed to carry out version upgrades since it would not have to go through TFL with a wallet handled by the Terra Classic community.

reXx stated in a tweet that was google translated, “Version changes can be submitted on the go to limit downtime compared to TFL versions that must go through TFL for approval.” 

About  The Newly Launched Wallet

The recently released wallet will enable users to hold and transfer their tokens, delegate their holdings, engage in governance, and view crucial network metrics. 

It is expected to replace Terra Station for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) owners.

Notably, the only platforms Rebel Station is now offering are the web, desktop, and Chrome extensions.

Developers are awaiting licensing, according to reXx, before releasing the mobile app. 

According to a tweet from reXx, users can transfer to the Rebel Station by importing with their private keys or retrieving their wallet using mnemonic phrases.

 The Wallet Will Likely Offer Better Maintenance Efficiency

A wallet managed by a committed team of Terra Classic developers will probably offer superior maintenance efficiency, even though Do Kwon and TFL have pledged to maintain the Terra Station for the Terra Classic community for however long it is necessary.

It also exonerates the network from Kwon and TFL’s contentious image following the May ecosystem collapse.

Remember how Edward Kim, a core developer for Terra Classic, alluded to the wallet’s creation after the September release of the Terra Rebels roadmap? 

Additionally, as was previously reported, engineers like Jacob Gadikian, who have expressed interest in aiding the chain’s reconstruction, have made it clear that their work will only be successful if the Terra Classic network is free of TFL.

In response to the introduction of Rebel Station, community influencer Classy emphasized how significant the move is for LUNC. “LUNC independence is coming VERY fast!  Classy declared.

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