The Top Two Eth Whales Are on a Buying Spree, Adding 527 Billion Shiba Inu and 1.06 Trillion in 24 Hours

Shiba Inu

Two key ETH investors identified as “Gimli” and “BlueWhale0159” recently purchased a massive 527,500,000,000 (527B) SHIB valued at $5,961,725 ($5.96M).

According to a report, the same two ETH Whales purchased 534 billion Shiba Inu yesterday; the two biggest ETH Whales have amassed a massive total of 1.06 trillion SHIB, valued at $12,955,204 ($12.95M) in 24 hours.

“Gimli” Spent $4.59 Million on SHIB in the Last 24 Hours

The 251st largest ETH Whale, named “Gimli,” recently scooped up a massive total of 407,500,000,000 (407.50B) SHIB, worth $4,592,525 ($4.59M) in one significant transaction, according to WhaleStats. This portal tracks the actions of major Ethereum holders.

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Following the above transaction, “Gimli” has completed three “BUY” transactions in 24 hours, totaling 794,499,999,999 (794.49B) SHIB, worth $10,029,274 ($10.02M).

“BlueWhale0159” Has Accumulated $1.36 Million in SHIB in the Last 24 Hours

The 401st largest ETH Whale, dubbed “BlueWhale0159,” on the other hand, consumes an astounding total of 120,000,000,000 (120B) SHIB, worth $1,369,200 ($1.36M), in a single significant transaction.

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“BlueWhale0159” completed two “BUY” transactions in the last 24 hours, adding 267,000,000,000 (267B) SHIB to her portfolio worth $2,925,930 ($2.92M).

The two whales purchased 1.06 trillion SHIB in a single day, worth $12,955,204 ($12.95M). Shiba Inu’s price increased 6 percent over the last day to $0.0000114, with a 24-hour trading volume of $536,533,787 ($536.53M) in response to the massive accumulation from ETH Whales.