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The Terra Classic Development Group Reduces its Workforce

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The Terra Classic Development Group cut staff to increase productivity.

Approximately 10 members of the Terra Classic development team Terra Rebels have been let go, claims classy (@classycrypto_), a prominent member of the community.

The influencer announcing this development claims that individuals fired have not offered concrete evidence of their employment.

In response to Classy’s tweet, Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn (@ClanMudhorn_) appeared to confirm the news. 

The group is attempting to create a more effective team to meet the requirements of the community, the administrator claims.

It happens after a proposal to give the development organization 937.5 million LUNC (about $150,000) was approved by governance. 

According to the proposal, the money will be used for two months of development work to completely decouple Terra Station, the Terraform Labs-backed competitor, from TFL infrastructure and become Rebel Station, the Terra Rebels’ alternative.

The Terra Rebels admin said in a tweet last Wednesday that they will provide some of the money to team members who have a track record of producing results. 

The members who will receive this distribution and the precise responsibilities for which they receive it are, however, only briefly described by ClanMudhorn.

In response to questions from StrathCole (@ColeStrathClyde), ClanMudhorn stated

“… I don’t feel concerns the community as long as TR members are happy with said distribution to members capable of providing proof of work.”

Notably, some have criticized the approved concept for being ambiguous and inefficient. 

This opinion was put up by StrathCole in a lengthy thread with backing from LUNC DAO and HappyCattyCrypto.

All of these follow a period of community concern regarding the future of TFL support for Terra Station, highlighting the dangers of Terra Classic’s TFL reliance.

Although recent events may have accelerated the process, independence from TFL has always been a goal of the Terra Rebels.

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