The Shiba Inu to Collaborate with the World Economic Forum

The Shiba Inu to Collaborate with the World Economic Forum
The Shiba Inu to Collaborate with the World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum Invites Shiba Inu Team to Work With Them.

Policymakers now take the meme coin seriously, as evidenced by the World Economic Forum’s invitation to the Shiba Inu team to assist in developing a global metaverse policy.

The Shiba Inu development team has been invited to the World Economic Forum to discuss and assist in influencing global policy on the metaverse, according to lead Shiba Inu developer Shytoshi Kusama, who revealed this in a Twitter thread yesterday.

According to Kusama, they would be seated at the same table as significant technology companies like Meta and pioneers in the blockchain metaverse like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

The choice has, however, been deferred to the community by the developer. 

To get feedback from his 861k Twitter followers and the larger Shiba Inu community, Kusama posted a poll on Twitter with the message, “ Would love to know what you all think because it’s not our decision, but yours.”

Shiba Inu will Continue to Work on Shibarium

The Shiba Inu developer has stated in response to worries that it will not stop them from continuing on the Shibarium project. 

However, he needs to clearly state his opinion. He thinks that both “work in tandem” instead. 

He also praised a user’s viewpoint that the team needs to attend to convey the idea that Shiba Inu is “a force for good.”

As of publication, 63% of the community had chosen to collaborate with the WEF on metaverse policies. With more than 13 hours remaining, the poll has already received over 16,000 votes.

The invitation from the WEF is an important recognition of the Shiba Inu community’s efforts to be taken seriously and shed the meme coin tag, and it is worth emphasizing.

Shiba Inu Recent Development

According to earlier reports, the Shiba Inu creators first disclosed their intentions to start a Metaverse project in January. 

Then, in February, the team conducted a metaverse land auction. Since then, it has recruited seasoned professionals from major tech and entertainment industries to strengthen its metaverse offering.

Additionally, it collaborates with well-known virtual reality and visualization company The Third Floor (TTF). 

It has shared interesting concept images of the various landscapes comprising its metaverse with TTF. According to reports, the Tech Trench is the most recent.



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