The Ripple Army Will Keep Expanding, Says Former US Congressional Candidate

Ripple Expands Into France And Sweden With Its ODL Division
Ripple Expands Into France And Sweden With Its ODL Division

Despite the disdain of some for the project, Gokhshtein Media’s founder and former US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein is optimistic about the development of the Ripple (XRP) community.

The founder of Gokhshtein Media denounces XRP trolls and predicts further growth of the Ripple Army.  “The More You Hate XRP, The Bigger The Army Grows.”  Despite criticism, Ripple’s founder is optimistic about its future growth.

“The more you toxic f’s hate on XRP, the bigger the army grows,” Gokhshtein said. 

Ethereum Supporters Troll Ripple Project

Contrary to popular belief, Ripple has not had much backing from the cryptocurrency industry in its ongoing legal battle with the SEC.

Those who favor Ripple’s rivals, particularly Ethereum, contend that the Silicon Valley tech company should be left alone to handle its legal struggle with the SEC.

The co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, recently stated that Ethereum supporters are not required to support Ripple in the legal action.

Buterin claimed that Ripple forfeited its right to protection when it claimed that Ethereum was under Chinese control in its legal dispute with the SEC.

While the Ethereum community praised Buterin’s statement, Ripple supporters criticized him on various social media channels for making such a statement.

The founder of Crypto Law, attorney John Deaton, was one of the supporters of Ripple who scowled at Buterin’s remark. He stated:

The more I think about the shameful and disgusting comment and considering you haven’t deleted or clarified it; I realize you didn’t misspeak. This was an immature, hateful comment directed at a community of innocent digital asset holders and NOT Ripple.”

Rivalry Between Ripple and Ethereum

Since 2017, Ripple and Ethereum have been fierce rivals. This rivalry has persisted even after the SEC accused the former of selling securities that were not registered in the United States.

Despite all of this, Judge Analisa Torres recently overruled the SEC’s objection to a ruling by Judge Sarah Netburn requesting that the agency hand over documents related to the drafting of the contentious William Hinman speech in 2018. As a result, Ripple received support from two companies, I-Remit and TapJets, against the SEC.

Additionally, the Chamber of Digital Commerce backed Ripple, helping the blockchain business maintain its composure in front of the SEC.