The Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Will Not Go Live This Month as a New Date Has Been Set

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During an evaluation call last Friday, the development team working on the Cardano network decided to postpone the Vasil upgrade to next month, according to a blog post by Input Output Global (IOG).

Yesterday, another evaluation of the entire Vasil upgrade work was performed, and seven bugs were discovered.

Although none of the bugs is considered severe, the Cardano team is unwilling to take any chances, so the Vasil Hard Fork proposal was not deployed to the public testnet yesterday as planned.

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IOG Isn’t Taking Any Chances

Aside from the seven minor bugs discovered, IOG stated that it will need to examine a few Vasil-related items in the coming days to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Based on this, the Cardano team has decided to launch Vasil on the Cardano public testnet by the end of this month for four weeks.

IOG stated that the Vasil mainnet deployment will go live by the end of July 2022, once everything is working properly and exchanges have completed the necessary integration.

“Today, IOG and the Cardano Foundation have agreed on a new target date to hard fork the testnet at the end of June. Once completed, we will then allow four weeks for exchanges and SPOs to carry out any required integration and testing work […] The working assumption should therefore now be a Cardano mainnet hard fork occurring during the last week of July,” IOG said in a statement.

Efforts to Roll Out Vasil Continues

Notably, the IOG development team has been working around the clock to ensure Vasil’s deployment goes off without a hitch. The IOG stated that 35 developers are working on the project from 27 different projects, who have been testing the decentralized applications (dApps) to identify any issues associated with the upgrade.

Vasil implementation is also supported by 16 stake pool operators (SPOs) and leading tool/API providers, including Blockfrost.

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Vasil Expectations for an Upgrade

The Vasil upgrade is expected to improve the overall performance of the Cardano network. In addition, Vasil is expected to increase Cardano’s speed and scalability, as well as improve smart contract functionality and introduce other significant features.

The mainnet deployment of the upgrade was originally scheduled for the end of this month; however, due to minor bugs discovered, the much-anticipated upgrade will go live by the end of next month.

Cardano Isn’t Concerned About Critics

Meanwhile, the Cardano development team has been heavily chastised for consistently delaying the release of critical upgrades.

Surprisingly, the team is unconcerned because its sole focus is to ensure the deployment of updates that will ensure the safety of users and deliver working services to them.