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Thanks to TFL, Interchain Stations Now Support Terra Classic 

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Contrary to earlier disclosures, Terraform Labs has verified that the Interchain Station will now support the Terra Classic chain. At launch, Terra Classic will be accessible on the Interchain Station.

The day before the Station’s scheduled to launch tomorrow, TFL employee Jared verified this in a tweet detailing the chains that Station devs were integrating.

The news came hours after Jared revealed that TFL had uncovered a breakthrough that required delaying the launch of Interchain Station by 48 hours. 

The TFL team suggested that the Terra Classic community would be thrilled by the development in the second tweet in the discussion.

Unsurprisingly, this inspired hope and excitement among the community members. 

Community influencer and network validator Classy disseminated the information, claiming that the Terra Classic chain’s Interchain Station debut had been postponed to assist it.

About the Terra Classic Chain

Jared said the fix was “simple” in a Discord chat provided by Senior TerraCVita member Rex Harrison, a.k.a. Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly). 

The TFL team stated that for users to select between the Terra mainnet, testnet, and Classic when doing transactions, the classic chain would be integrated like a variant of the new Terra chain. 

Jared promised users that despite the fix being “awkward,” it would be successful. He attributed the plan’s formation to PFC (@PFC Validator), a prominent Terra Classic validator.

Recall that, as was previously stated, TFL’s Interchain Station would not incorporate the Terra Classic chain. 

TFL previously required the traditional chain to modify the wallet prefix it shared with LUNAv2. 

TFL needed to make this ground-breaking adjustment because it intended to employ wallet prefixes to distinguish blockchains on the wallet, which would house many Cosmos chains.

The Terra Classic developers at the time predicted that the necessary adjustments would take at least six months, even though the deadline was less than ten days away.

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