Tezro Payment Solutions Adds Supports for Terra Classic USD (USTC) 

Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn

Tezro, an all-in-one multi-cryptocurrency wallet and protected messaging software, has introduced a new use case. Holders of USTC can exchange the Terra classic stablecoin for TezroST, according to a recent release.

According to the release, holders of USTC can trade their stablecoin for TezroST at a rate of $1 per token. The official Tezro shopping token is TezroST, and Tether fully supports it (USDT).

Only the Tezro website and Android app are available for the switch, and USTC holders are eligible for the same exchange rate. Users who switch from USTC to TezroST will be eligible to win $100,000. USTC holders can also use the swapped TezroST to buy limited-edition NFT Tezro t-shirts.

Users must install the Tezro app on their iOS or Android smartphones and select the TezroST icon before accessing the service. Users can use the swapped tokens to pay for goods and services, in particular online retailers using the Tezro payment gateway after the swap is completed in a few taps.

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Victims Of Terra Attack To Be Compensated Yet Again 

The program is being implemented in an effort to provide compensation for those affected by the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. Remember how the value of the cryptocurrency fell precipitously following Terra’s downfall, leaving many investors with significant losses?

Due to the significant risk involved with digital money, many cryptocurrency exchanges were pressured to delist USTC. Since many Terra investors are still out in the cold, Tezro enables impacted investors to receive a reasonable value for their USTC tokens.

Tezo added:

“Tezro wants its supporters to know that it cares about them, and that is why the new feature of being able to exchange USTC tokens for TezroST is significant. Not only does it allow USTC holders to get rid of the tokens, but it also enables them to do so in a beneficial manner,”

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