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Terraform Labs Now Believes Terra Station Can Still Support Terra Classic

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Terraform Labs Manages To Keep Support For Terra Station For Terra Classic. The Interchain Station and the Terra Station can coexist, according to Terraform Labs (TFL).

According to a tweet from the Terraform Labs staff yesterday, Jared revealed that TFL has now discovered a means to keep supporting the Terra Station wallet.

Jared claims that TFL can now support both Terra Station and the Interchain Station.

Jared tweeted in response to inquiries regarding whether or not both wallets can coexist, “… we figured it out this morning.” “can support legacy version and interchain version now.”

The TFL team recently revealed that the company was planning to stop supporting Terra Station in favor of an Interchain Station wallet, which will handle many Cosmos chains.

The Terra Rebels also stated that it would be difficult to support the Terra Classic chain on Interchain Station, which still needs to be done. 

Notably, TFL requested the Terra Classic network to upgrade its chains and modify its wallet prefix, which it shares with LUNAv2, by December 15.

The Terra Rebels have stated that these will take at least six months.

To allow users to engage with their tokens and continue governance and delegation normally while the network determines whether or not to implement these modifications, the Terra Rebels recommended a transition to the Rebel Station.

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