Terra Station Will Support Terra Classic and Other Cosmos Blockchains

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While working to integrate other Cosmos chains, Do Kwon affirms support for Terra Classic (LUNC).

Do Kwon said in a tweet on Sunday that he intended to provide Terra Station functionality to other Cosmos blockchains.

However, the troubled Terra founder then asked interested core development teams in the ecosystem to send a DM to him. A later tweet confirmed that the service would be free.

Kwon pointed out specifically that Terra Station will continue to support Terra Classic and Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) as it evolves into an interchain wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem.

β€œYes, yes, LUNC supported,” Kwon tweeted:

Predictably, reactions to the discovery have been controversial. While some have praised Terraform Labs for their ongoing assistance, others have emphasised that they do not yet have faith in the Terra founder.

According to a user, Do Kwon’s “Interchain Alliance” looks to have begun with the multi-chain integration with Terra Station. To ensure the viability of smaller Cosmos chains, Do Kwon has notably suggested three solutions:

  • Interchain Alliance 
  • Feather 
  • Interchain Station & Finder 

By using the customers and resources of more established chains, Alliance seeks to increase the economic security of smaller chains. The concept is still relevant today as more decentralised applications choose to create their own chains but fall short due to the challenges involved in creating and managing a blockchain or a perceived lack of economic viability.

An important feature of the Alliance developer’s kit is that it will permit staking assets on newer chains. In exchange for financial security, the new blockchain provides users of established blockchains with a way to increase their yield.

Terra Station’s Interchain interface should provide seamless governance and staking across multiple chains.

In contrast, when Feather debuts, it guarantees to make blockchain deployment as simple as possible.

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Like many in the LUNC community, members of the Cosmos ecosystem are cautious despite the fact that it seems like a practical strategy to promote interoperability among Cosmos chains and support smaller chains.

Greg Osuri, the founder of Akash Network, stated that he is not yet ready to overlook the damage that Do Kwon’s disastrous stablecoin caused to the Cosmos ecosystem.

Despite these reservations, numerous people have noted that Terra Station is possibly the best wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem. Respected Cosmos developer Joecob Gadikian gave the wallet great remarks for both its usability and the underlying codes.

It’s important to note that Keplr, an interchain Cosmos wallet, will be directly competing with Terra Station due to the proposed multi-chain integration. While Keplr may charge as much as $400k for integration, a user pointed out that Do Kwon is giving it away for free. Kujira’s team previously revealed in an uproar that the price would be $360,000. FXcryptonews has not officially confirmed this.

Despite assuming control of the chain, the Terra Classic community has kept using the wallet that is managed by Terraform Labs. However, the Terra Rebels have made it known that they are developing a Terra Station substitute called “Rebel Station” in case they ever need to be totally independent of TFL infrastructure.

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