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Terra Station Support for Terra Classic Will Soon Stop

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Recent events suggest that the Terra Classic network may soon stop supporting Terra Station and will need to undertake some hasty, expensive, and inconvenient changes.

As Classy, a community influencer, revealed in a tweet today and a TFL staff member verified, Terraform Labs’ move of the Terra Station wallet to Interchain Station may effectively discontinue support for the Terra Classic network by December 15.

Furthermore, Classy explained this in a Discord message from Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn. 

According to ClanMudhorn, TFL claims that Terra Classic must modify its wallet prefix, which it shares with LUNAv2.0, by December 15 to be supported on the new Interchain Station. 

TFL claims that the change is required because the wallet, which intends to support numerous Cosmos chains, would employ wallet prefixes to identify which chain to transfer transactions to.

The Terra Rebels Admin clarified that it is a feat that has never been attempted before and that developers anticipate it would take at least six months to complete. 

As a result, it might drive the Terra Classic network away from Station.

It is important to note that, despite the likelihood that this will happen, TFL is still looking for alternatives, as stated by Jared, a TFL staff member, in answer to Classy.

The Only Practical Solution May Be the Rebels Station

Classy and the Terra Rebels currently think that going to Rebels Station is the only viable option, but there’s a catch. 

The Terra Rebels have launched a community spending proposal to remove Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure to maintain Terra Classic’s wallet access, as revealed by @reXxTerraRebels, AKA reXx, in response.

But according to the idea, it will take two months and cost $150,000. Further budget requests for the Rebel Station, according to the Terra Rebels, will be made.

Rebel Station still offers a comfortable user interface to Terra Station, as highlighted by Jared, despite the inconvenience it may cause some users and the impact it would have on the Terra Classic community pool. 

Additionally, as previously mentioned, users can quickly import their private keys or use their mnemonic phrases to switch their wallets to the Rebel Station.

Rebel Station is only presently accessible via the web, desktop, and Chrome extensions. According to the last story, a mobile app is being created and is awaiting licensing.

It’s important to note that the most recent development occurred despite Do Kwon’s assurances

Additionally, while the Terra Rebels originally intended to move the network away from TFL infrastructure, this shortens the schedule considerably. 

Jared claimed that TFL only became aware of the need for this change on November 26.

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