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Terra Rebels Claims Terra Classic V23 Upgrade Has Been Delivered

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According to Terra Rebels member and Terra Classic core developer Raider70, developers have released the Terra Classic v23 upgrade.

Classy (@ClassyCrypto_), a prominent community member, revealed this in a tweet today by posting a developer’s Discord communication. 

When Edward Kim and a team of outside engineers reopened Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) channels, according to Raider70, the V23 upgrade was provided.

The developer made clear that the upgrade, which would put the Terra Classic network on a level with other Cosmos chains, including LUNAv2, is still in the works. 

According to Raider70, Edward Kim is collaborating with the Terra Rebels on the budget for the upgrade known as v2.0.3.

The V23 Upgrade is  Separate From Upgrades to Bring Technological Parity

Remember how Raider70 claimed in October that the V23 upgrade would allow the Terra Classic network to interoperate with the CosWasm upgrade completely? 

However, it currently is distinct from improvements to achieve technological parity.

As previously announced, the Terra Rebels have switched to a paid working model. 

As a result, after developers have finished putting up the budget for the parity enhancements, it would be common to see a proposal for spending money on a community pool.

To separate the Terra Rebel Station from Terraform Labs’ infrastructure, 937.5 million Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) have already been given to the Terra Rebels. 

The funds have so far generated debate within the neighborhood.

Terra Classic community members can significantly discover new uses for their LUNC holdings within the Cosmos ecosystem thanks to full Cosmos interoperability. 

This is so developers working on other chains might create support for a wrapped version of the token to draw in the developing community. 

However, technological parity will make it simple for developers to distribute decentralized LUNAv2 apps on the conventional chain.

Developers like Kim think repairing the chain is the quickest method to draw utility to the network. There are rumors that Kim and Zaradar will start their own development company.

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