Terra Investors Calls for Coinbase to List LUNC With Over 200,000 Tweets

Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn
Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn

Holders of the cryptocurrency are continually looking for new ways to burn more Terra Luna Classic as the fires grow hotter.

Calling for more cryptocurrency exchanges to accept LUNC trade as well as implementing the 1.2% tax burn that was recently introduced on the Terra classic network are two ways to make this achievable.

Due to the cryptocurrency asset’s contentious origins, prominent cryptocurrency trading platforms Coinbase and Robinhood have not yet enabled support for LUNC trading. To get LUNC listed on Coinbase, Terra investors are taking important steps.

Terra Investors Are Focused on Getting LUNC Listed on Coinbase

Owners of LUNC are more concerned with getting the cryptocurrency listed on the San Francisco-based exchange, Coinbase, despite the fact that these two crypto trading platforms have a large number of registered customers.

With a 24 hour volume of $1,025,605,577 ($1.02 billion), Coinbase is the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to data from Coingecko. Holders of LUNC think that having the cryptocurrency listed on the exchange will hasten the burn effort because of the features and popularity of Coinbase.

On the basis of this, the Terra community has been urging Coinbase to list the cryptocurrency in order to support the coin’s continuous burning. More than 200,000 tweets have been sent about this so far.

Efforts to Get the Attention of Coinbase

These steps were taken with the goal to attract the attention of Coinbase management, including CEO and co-founder Brian Armstrong, and perhaps getting LUNC listed for trade on the platform.

Holders of LUNC have not yet received a response from the Coinbase team. Investors in Terra, however, are convinced that the Coinbase team will eventually be forced to list LUNC for trade and impose the 1.2% tax burn as a result of these tweets.

Continuous Moves to Accelerate LUNC Burns

The Terra Classic community has persisted in making major efforts to quicken Luna Classic’s burning (LUNC). 

Burning a significant portion of the total supply of LUNC is the most effective technique for those who lost everything in the Terra ecosystem to restore the cryptocurrency’s value.

In an effort to lower the supply of the token, the Terra community has instituted a 1.2% tax burn for all LUNC on-chain transactions. Several cryptocurrency exchanges have so far implemented the 1.2% tax burn on their own trading platforms, including Binance.

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