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Terra Classic’s New NFT Marketplace is Coming Soon

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An NFT marketplace called MIATA is scheduled to debut on the Terra Classic network today, according to a tweet sent by well-known community validator LUNC DAO yesterday.

In order to talk about the launch, the community has arranged an AMA session for 9 pm UTC. Classy, a local influencer and validator will co-host it with LUNC DAO.

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Additionally, 2000 MetaGloria NFTs will be minted for MIATA’s launch, and users will be able to buy and sell them on the marketplace.

It’s important to note that the play-to-earn role-playing game MetaGloria will debut on the Terra Classic Network in the first half of 2023. According to information on the project’s website, a group of Ukrainian game developers and crypto enthusiasts are behind it. Their aim is to introduce gamers to the cryptocurrency world and burn any extra Terra Luna Classic supply.

A total of 3000 distinct NFTs will be minted in two sets by the MetaGloria project. Furthermore, the MetaGloria website predicts that NFTs will have over 100 individual qualities.

According to the project, players will be able to burn LUNC once the game launches by trading it for the in-game token GLS.

Many NFT projects are preparing to launch on the Terra Classic network and the MIATA market, including MetaGloria. For instance, LUNC validator HappyCattyCrypto revealed in a tweet on Saturday that the LUNCPenguins NFT collection would soon be available on MIATA.

According to HappyCattyCrypto, the minting cost for gathering 1000 unique NFTs will be 200k LUNC, or around $34 at the current exchange rate. Additionally, users can earn incentives by staking their tokens, increasing returns for rarity.

Members of the LUNC community have naturally expressed delight at the most recent developments. One user specifically commended the developers for building on the Terra Classic chain.
The network is moving towards utility to develop better ways to burn LUNC and give users more exciting and worthwhile ways to utilise their tokens. The launch of the NFT marketplace is a key step in that direction. Notably, the Terra Rebels launched a lottery game over two weeks ago. It has already cost over 18.5 million LUNC and awarded victors more than 38 million LUNC worth of prizes.

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