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Terra Classic Plan to Stop TGF From Paying Jacob Gadikian

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The Terra Classic community discusses a plan to stop paying Jacob Gadikian. Who Gadikian and Notional Labs have contracts with is a contentious issue in the community.

Discussions over proposal 11316, which asks the Terra Grants Foundation to withhold payments to Jacob Gadikian from those meant for the Joint L1 Task Force, are now taking place in the Terra Classic community.

The TGF should, in accordance with the plan, only pay Gadikian for the job completed in January and hold onto payments made in February and March in the TGF multisig wallet. 

According to the author, the action is required due to recent assaults by Gadikian against Terra Classic validators.

Remember how Gadikian alerted the neighborhood to the unsettling business practices and significant voting power of Allnodes

Notably, he disclosed that although professing to provide a non-custodial service, the node hosting service provider still possessed the validator clients’ seed phrases. 

As the creator of Notional Labs pointed out, it offered a huge centralization danger in the event of an exploit.

The developer started a campaign to encourage community members to re-delegate their Terra Luna Classic (LUNC). 

It is important to note that certain community members needed to appreciate Gadikian’s strategy. 

In reaction to claims made by fellow developer Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, that Allnodes having a 40% voting power on the chain was not a concern, Gadikian announced his departure from the Layer 1-focused development team. 

This was the culmination of the entire mess.

Proposal 11316 and Terra Classic Comunity

Proposal 11316 has divided the community over who is obligated to Gadikian and is in the best position to sever the agreement.

The contract is between the TGF and Gadikian, and TerraCVita, another independent Terra Classic development organization, feels that the community should not get involved. 

As a result, it cast a “no with veto” vote.

The co-owner of LuncLive validator, DemonMonkey777, challenges TerraCVita’s assertion, claiming that the TGF has a contract with just the LUNC community and that it was the community that authorized funding for the Layer 1 team. 

The network validator contends that the community and not the TGF hired Gadikian.

Furthermore, fellow LuncLive co-owner JBooze agreed with DemonMonkey777’s thoughts. 

The validator emphasized that the TGF is merely a custodian of funds and is still subject to community rules.

Conversely, a network validator, Classy, argued that the suggestion wasn’t essential. 

Gadikian will be rewarded if he works, notwithstanding the disagreement, according to the validator and influencer, and vice versa.

But it’s unclear whether the developer won’t get paid if he doesn’t execute the job specified in the contract or whether the TGF has the right to withhold payment.

The Joint L1 Task Force funding proposal states, “Distribution of payments will happen monthly at the end of every calendar month given appropriate milestones have been achieved, approval from the oversight committee, and approval from Terra Grants Foundation signers of the multisig.” 

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