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Terra Classic Developers Now Focus on Rebel Station; Stop Support For Terra Station

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The Terra Station will no longer receive updates and support from Terra Rebels, and they will concentrate their attention on the Rebel Station pocketbook.

Classy, a network validator and community influencer, shared Discord communications for Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn in a tweet yesterday that served as the initial source of information. 

According to the communications, Terra Rebels have transferred Terra Station’s support to TerraCVita, another independent development organization.

Notably, @reXxTerraRebels, alias ReXx, tweeted today to validate the report. ReXx tweeted that Terra Rebels would stop updating Terra Station going forward.

The choice was made after recent threats to TFL’s ability to continue supporting Terra Station brought to light the dangers of Terra Classic’s reliance on its infrastructure. 

Notably, by December 15, Terra Classic’s Station support was in jeopardy due to plans to switch to an Interchain Station wallet covering the complete Cosmos ecosystem. 

Even though the Terra Rebels have always intended to make the Classic chain as autonomous from TFL infrastructure as feasible, recent developments might have accelerated the process.

Terra Rebels Set to Make Rebel Station Independent of TFL Infrastructure

In light of this, the Terra Rebels are likewise attempting to free the Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure. 

The developers’ organization offered a budget of $150k to cover two months of work in a proposal published yesterday. 

According to yesterday’s tweets from the developers, Terra Rebel LCD clusters rather than TFL LCDs have already been used to incorporate TFL-independent endpoints for the Rebel Station.

In an earlier Twitter thread yesterday, Terra Classic Core creator Edward Kim advised community members to refrain from disparaging groups inside or outside the network. 

The network should proceed, the developer said, and make use of this time to figure out what went wrong and fix it.

Unsurprisingly, recent events have left a bad taste in many community members’ mouths because some think the Terra Rebels might be acting malignly.

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