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Terra Classic Core Developer Addresses Allnodes Validator Issue

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In a Twitter thread yesterday, Terra Classic core developer Edward Kim added his voice to the discussion about Allnodes’ actions as a validator on the blockchain. 

Allnodes’ commission will be increased in the following months.

The developer stated that Notional Labs developer Jacob Gadikian was correct in his concerns about the validator’s operation. 

According to Kim, all community members should run their validator nodes in an ideal world. 

This was said by the core developer, who also serves as the director of the Terra Grants Foundation while releasing materials that could assist users with starting a node.

Furthermore, Kim claims Allnodes will raise its commission next week to entice customers to stake elsewhere and diminish its troubling 40% voting power. 

According to the TGF director, the validator will increase it by 1% every day until the commission reaches 10%, and he has proposed future increases if voting power remains relatively high.

It should be noted that Allnodes disclosed this strategy at the end of last year.

Kim Fails to Address the Issue of Private keys Holders

The core developers’ statements have placated the bulk of the Terra Classic community. 

Still, Gadikian notes that Kim needs to solve the problem of Allnodes possessing the private keys of validators who use its service.

However, Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, a different core developer for Terra Classic, has stated that this is not a concern because the validator has no financial motive to use the keys it has in its possession. 

Zaradar claimed that if Allnodes engaged in malicious behavior, it would damage its reputation and expose itself to legal action, which could cause the company to fail.

Others, such as PFC Validator, draw attention to the fact that it still represents a security risk. 

The validator contends that the chain’s centralized control over information and power makes it vulnerable to attack or governmental order.

According to PFC Validator, the only option for these validators is to build up new nodes, as the seed phrases cannot be modified even if they quit using the service provided by Allnodes.

Zaradar has warned that making non-technical community members run nodes will be detrimental to security.

After yesterday’s discussions on Allnodes operations, Jacob Gadikian decided to leave the Joint Layer 1 Taskforce. 

It poses a potential setback to the group where he worked as one of two full-time developers, as was reported yesterday.

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