Tehlex Is Set To Revolutionise Gift Card Trade In The Coming Years


The Tehlex team announces ambitions to improve crypto-value trading conditions across Africa after over four years of successfully offering top-notch exchange services to clients from their head office in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Instant payments that take less than 75 seconds, trading rates that are 25% more profitable than the competition anywhere in Africa to ensure maximum profitability for users, and airtight security throughout the trading experience are the core of the platform’s ideology. 

Speaking on the newest developments, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Onwudiwe Vincent, said, “In 2018, we had vision of changing the game in the world of Bitcoin and crypto-commerce. We entered the Fin-tech industry armed with an unyielding determination to make gift card trades of all kinds simpler, safer, and more financially rewarding. Seeing that we have over 30,000 successful transactions grossing a total of 5 million dollars under our belts in just four years of operation, it is safe to say that we haven’t lost touch with our preliminary objectives.” 

He further explained: “We believe in pushing the limits and smashing boundaries so our accumulative success over the last four years only inspires us to do more. Which is why in coming years, we will be taking gift card trade to yet another level. As we set realistic goals created with the sole aim of achieving them and delivering value, we can state with confidence that our mission to take gift card trading to the very pinnacle is well within our reach thanks to the many internal and external improvements we have put in place technologically and operationally.”

Why Tehlex is Nigeria’s Gift Card Platforms King?

Tehlex is a multilingual mobile-friendly exchange platform that allows for the hassle-free exchange of crypto-values and gift cards, including but not limited to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart, Apple Store, e-Bay, and American Express (AMEX)

No doubt, Tehlex is pushing the boundaries of e-commerce. Tehlex assures that customers enjoy a platform with updated features and easy navigation without sacrificing security as the world advances to an era of digital transactions due to the rise of cryptocurrencies. The platform’s main goal is to enable a seamless exchange for clients worldwide.

Tehlex also intends to bring blockchain to its customers via gift cards, which would allow consumers to buy both physical and digital assets quickly. Although blockchain technology has been around for a while, retailers are still dealing with a terrible user experience. Customers can experience a smooth transition to the blockchain with Tehlex.

Finally, security is critical for Tehlex, which aims to remain one of the most important blockchains and payment protocols, particularly when it comes to gift cards. Users can deposit crypto coins in Tehlex’s extremely secure crypto online wallet. Furthermore, the platform fosters user trust, and the blockchain facilitates transaction transparency.