Team Highlights Shiba Inu Notable Updates in Asia

New Shiba Inu Partner, Bad Idea AI Passes Smart Contract Security Audit

The content marketer for Shiba Inu, Lucie, recently tweeted an exciting review of the most recent happenings involving Shiba Inu (SHIB), highlighting key changes influencing the token’s reputation and future.

Shiba Inu’s admission to the prestigious Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium’s (HKVAC) virtual asset index, which was announced two days ago, is the first noteworthy update. It has credibility as a valuable digital asset, as shown by this acknowledgment. Notably, the coin’s reputation is further strengthened and it is established as a trustworthy investment alternative thanks to the HKVAC listing, which is a respected reference point for investors and regulators.

SBI Group, a major provider of financial services in Japan, is another important supporter of Shiba Inu. By enabling trading of the token on its cryptocurrency asset platform, SBI VC Trade, SBI Group has indicated its support for the Shiba Inu project. 

Shib is becoming more and more important, as seen by this action by SBI Group. It displays the company’s dedication to accommodating clients’ changing needs in the trade industry. Access to the coin through SBI VC Trade offers a larger audience to take part in the token’s expanding ecosystem.

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Shiba Inu Gains Support Within the Japanese Crypto Market

The token’s popularity is also still growing in Japan, as seen by the fact that it is now listed on several exchanges there, including BitFlyer, BitPoint, and OKCoin Japan. SHIB’s position in the Japanese cryptocurrency market is further strengthened by the SBI VC Trade listing, which also increases its accessibility.

These noteworthy events demonstrate how Shiba Inu is becoming more and more valued as a digital asset and is being adopted more widely. Shiba Inu has lost its reputation as a meme coin thanks to the inclusion of HKVAC and the backing of SBI Group, establishing respectability and consolidating its position as a good investment prospect. 

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