Ripple Policy Head Warns of Loss of Investment Due to US Regulatory Impasse

Ripple Lab Extends Philanthropic Gesture Using XRP as Part of Crypto Donation Options

Experts argue that the lack of regulations and standards in the digital asset industry within the United States is causing valuable business prospects and advancements to move to other countries, such as European nations and the UAE, which have established adequate frameworks for the industry. Friedman Shares Her Worries The Policy Head of the Ripple […]

White Paper on Crypto Regulations in the UK Published by Ripple

XRP Adoption Surges: BitPay Enables Seamless Payments and Storage Across the Globe

In a tweet on Tuesday, Ripple posted a policy paper that it thinks can direct UK cryptocurrency rules and help it become the hub it wants to be for the crypto industry. The policy paper was created by Ripple based on feedback from the industry professionals and observers it consulted with this year, according to […]