Incredible 341.50 Million SHIB Burned in a Day: Shiba Inu Reaches 14th Spot

Shiba Inu Community Burns Over 1.16 Billion SHIB in a Week, Showing 282% Surge in Burn Rate

In a remarkable accomplishment within the past day, the Shiba Inu Community has permanently removed 341.50 million SHIB from circulation through a series of five transactions. The most recent burn event stands as the largest since June 10th, when the Shiba Inu Community executed three separate transactions, transferring 211.14 million SHIB to a designated inactive […]

Shiba Inu Burn Rate Jumps 800% High As ETH Whales Top-Up SHIB Holding

Just One Transaction Burns 21M Shiba Inu in 24 Hours

Shiba Inu [SHIB] remained on the sidelines while the cryptocurrency community focused on significant updates to Ethereum and Cardano. As a result of Ethereum whales pushing the meme coin back into the spotlight, the meme coin again appears to be taking off. Unfortunately, it looks like the whales were on a shopping spree, as the […]

Shiba Eternity Download Date Has Been Made Official With $5,000 Prize by Shiba Inu Game

David Gokhshtein claims he has no interest in the Shiba Killer "THE"

Shiba Eternity’s Download Day has a set date that has been made official in an announcement. Through the Twitter Space Event “Shiba Eternity Community Update,” the Shiba Inu team recently revealed the precise date for the Shiba Inu Collectible Card Game’s global release. Shiba Eternity will go live on October 1st, according to the statement.  […]