Huge Shiba Inu Token Transfers Totaling 20 Trillion Tokens Occur Rapidly

shiba inu

Recently, there were four significant transactions involving Shiba Inu tokens, each transferring 5 trillion tokens. According to Whale Alert, these transfers occurred between wallets labeled as “unknown.” As a result, the receiving address accumulated a total of 20 trillion SHIB tokens. Source: WhaleAlert At the time of reporting, the wallet still held all the tokens […]

Major Whale Adds 126B SHIB Following Huge Market Dip

Amid Shiba Inu Crash, Major Whale Adds 215B+ SHIB, 674B in 10 Days

According to statistics from WhaleStats, “BlueWhale0073,” the 254th largest ETH whale, added 126,120,815,899 (126.12B) SHIB for $1,363,366 ($1.36M).  The top ETH whale purchases 126.12 billion Shiba Inu coins at a discount. With this most recent transaction, the top ETH Whale has acquired a sizeable quantity of SHIB three times in the past week.  The aforementioned […]

Shiba Inu Discloses Partnership Details With the Bugatti Group

Shiba Inu Discloses Partnership Details With the Bugatti Group

Bugatti Group is introducing a line of NFTs and tangible goods in collaboration with Shiba Inu, the cryptocurrency initiative with a dog theme. The Shiba Inu team recently shared information about their collaboration with the legendary luxury accessories and luggage brand Bugatti Group on Twitter. According to the thread, as part of the cooperation, the […]

Terra Classic (LUNC) is up 7% in 24 Hours, Beating BTC and ETH

LUNC Reacts To Market Downturn: Price Drops 5.6%; Can LUNC Improve Its Position?

Despite the market-wide havoc, which has seen the top two crypto-assets collapse to new lows, BTC is down 10%, trading at $16,665, and ETH is also down 9%, trading below $1200, but the former Do Kwon project has held up where its peers have failed, rising by 7% over the last 24 hours, per data […]

Top ETH Whale Acquires 165B SHIB in a Massive Single Transaction

Top Whale Adds 290B Shiba Inu as the Price Rises

Shiba Inu (SHIB) was purchased by Major ETH Whale for $1.92 million in the last 24 hours as the price increased by 13%. In a single massive transaction, Top ETH Whale just spent $1,927,359 ($1.92M) to buy an astounding 165,865,688,559 (165.86B) SHIB. After additional inquiry and analysis of the data, we discovered that the […]

Top Whale Suddenly Moves 150 Billion Shiba Inu to

Top Whale Adds 290B Shiba Inu as the Price Rises

Shiba Inu (SHIB), worth a whopping $1.50 million, is transferred to by the largest ETH whale. As Shiba Inu retreats from a crucial resistance level at $0.00001020 on the 4-hour chart, the Biggest ETH Whale just transferred an alarming 150 Billion SHIB to his wallet. According to data from, the largest ETH […]

How to borrow and lend crypto on Compound

How to borrow and lend crypto on Compound

By virtue of its user base and locked-in value, Compound is currently the most successful DeFi project. It is a decentralized lending system and platform, similar to MakerDAO, which came before it. As such, anyone can use it anywhere in the globe to lend to or borrow from anyone else using smart contracts. Compound is […]

Investor Trading Sentiment Sets In As Ethereum Trading Volume Topples Bitcoin


Ethereum continues to show its worth as the second biggest digital asset in total market cap after Bitcoin. So far, investors have backed the ETH token as its trading volume surges, according to Crypto Quant. Despite Bitcoin having the highest market value and price, ETH’s trading volume is equivalent to that of Bitcoin, the crypto […]

7 Things That Will Happen to Ethereum After the Merge

7 Things That Will Happen to Ethereum After the Merge

After several months of postponements and altered schedules, a significant Crypto event is soon to take place. The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is fundamentally altering how it builds and operates its system in order to become more scalable and energy-efficient. More than usual, the Ethereum community is ecstatic. Ethereum engineers have been rejoicing—even singing—during weekly Zoom […]

11.96 Trillion Shiba Inu is Held By Top 100 Ethereum Whales

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu remains one of the most possessed tokens among Ethereum investors, according to WhaleStats. The crypto analytics platform that tracks Ethereum addresses noted that the SHIB token is one of the top crypto holdings among the top 100 whales. In a Twitter post, WhaleStats stated that the top 100 ETH whales are holding SHIB […]