Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple v. SEC Case Could Resolve Within 6 Months


Ripple has been embroiled in a legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over allegations that the company marketed XRP as a security for over two years. The SEC’s lawsuit has had a negative impact on XRP’s potential for long-term price growth. The Ripple v. SEC court case is one of […]

XRP Security Debate: WeBlog Founder Weighs In

Ripple Unveils New CBDC Platform in HKMA e-HKD Program

Jason Calacanis, an American entrepreneur, angel investor, and founder of WeBlog, has joined others in claiming that XRP is a security. He recently reiterated his confidence in this statement while commenting on Ripple’s expenses due to the ongoing lawsuit with the US SEC. In a recent tweet, Jason Calacanis stated, “XRP is obviously a security.” […]

Ripple to Tap Dubai’s Growing Crypto Market with Expansion Plans

Brad Garlinghouse

The CEO of Ripple has revealed plans for the company to expand to Dubai, making it a global leader in cryptocurrency solutions. Brad Garlinghouse made this announcement during the Dubai Fintech Summit that is currently underway. Brad Garlinghouse highlighted two significant factors for Ripple’s expansion to Dubai: the growing consumer base in the Middle East […]

Attorney Morgan Weighs in on Coinbase XRP Listing Prospects

Attorney Morgan Weighs in on Coinbase XRP Listing Prospects

Attorney Morgan expressed confidence that the listing of XRP on Coinbase would not be affected by the meeting between Michael Alderoty and Gary Grewal. The recent meeting between Stuart Alderoty, General Counsel of Ripple, and Paul Grewal, Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase, continues to generate discussion and comments from members of the XRP community. Some […]

Ripple CTO Addresses Controversy Surrounding XRP Retail Sales

David Schwartz

David Schwartz, who is the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, discussed on Twitter the ongoing discussion about the purpose and character of the sales of XRP. According to Schwartz, Ripple was established to distribute XRP in a widespread manner and generate enough revenue through sales to keep the company running in case of need. The […]

Ripple Leadership Openly Challenges SEC: Settlement Unlikely?

Hogan Suggests SEC Will Not Fight Ripple Victory

Bill Morgan, a pro-XRP community lawyer, has responded to comments made by Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse and General Counsel Stuart Alderoty, in which they criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Morgan has observed that the ongoing criticism directed by Ripple’s executives towards the SEC indicates that the blockchain company does not intend to reach […]

Brad Garlinghouse Reassures Ripple Investors Amid SVB Collapse

Brad Garlinghouse

During the weekend, there were concerns raised about Silicon Valley-based blockchain payment companies regarding their potential connections to the collapsed bank. Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, verified that the company has funds connected to the bankrupt Silicon Valley Bank, but he did not provide any additional information. This was reported in a Twitter thread […]

Ripple CEO Criticizes SEC on Recent Court Rulings

Ripple CEO Criticizes SEC on Recent Court Rulings

In a recent tweet, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, criticized the SEC. He made a negative comment about the regulatory agency. Brad Garlinghouse commented on the recent rulings against the SEC in their case against Ripple. He responded to a summary of Judge Analisa Torres’ latest ruling provided by Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s general counsel. He, […]

Is Coinbase Set to Relist XRP Following Judge’s Non-Security Declaration?

Coinbase and Ripple Legal Teams Meet, XRP Listing Discussed?

Calls for Coinbase to embrace XRP have risen to a fever pitch once more, spurred on by LBRY’s huge triumph thanks to Naomi Brockwell and John Deaton. There has been an outcry from LBRY for Coinbase to relist XRP.  This request was made yesterday in a tweet by the blockchain team that hosts digital content. […]

Ripple Reaps $226M Net ODL XRP Sales in Q4 2022 Markets Report

Coinbase and Ripple Legal Teams Meet, XRP Listing Discussed?

In Q4 2022, Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) XRP sales net of purchases came to roughly $226.31 million. The firm announced this in its “Q4 2022 Markets Report,” posted today on Twitter. Notably, total XRP sales in Q4 were $2.964 billion, approximately $100 million more than Q3’s total. However, due to an increase in Ripple buybacks […]