Basic Attention Token (BAT), the Cryptocurrency of the Brave Crypto-browser

Basic Attention Token (BAT), the Cryptocurrency of the Brave Crypto-browser

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency used by the Brave crypto browser. A key element of Brave’s proposal, the BAT token, is at the center of the decentralized online advertising ecosystem that the company behind the project, Brave Software, is seeking to develop. Overview of the role of BAT in what is known […]

ALGO and Two Other Crypto Assets Have Been Added to the eToro Trading Platform

Algorand Integrated into the Copper Crypto Custody Solution, a FinCEN-registered Firm

The cryptocurrency broker stated in a blog post that eToro users can choose from the trading platform’s three new features to create an “eclectic mix” token to run a diversified portfolio. Algorand (ALGO) ALGO (ALGO/USD) is Algorand’s native token, which is currently mainly used to pay network fees. It is considered to be the heart […]

Brave Browser Set To Develop Decentralized Exchange Aggregator

Brave Browser creating a Decentralized Exchange Aggregator on its platform

Brave is a private web browser that rewards its more than 25 million users with its Basic Attention Token (BAT) and it is creating a decentralized exchange aggregator on its platform. Brave Wallet to replace Crypto Wallet Brave is creating a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) aggregator and a new “Brave Wallet” to replace the current Crypto […]