Why CBDCs Matter in 2022

Financial institutions are slowly shifting into digital operations because of technology and easy access to the internet. As a result, many banks have developed innovative ways to assist internet users by creating apps that help them quickly send and receive money. You can simply create a bank account and start transacting with these bank apps […]

Cardano plans to Incorporate 50 Banks and 10 Fortune 500 Companies by 2026

Cardano Based NFT DeFi platform, Spore Network Set to Launch Cardstarter IDO on July 21st

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, stated that Cardano’s short-term goals are to enable at least 50 banks to use its native cryptocurrency, ADA. In setting goals for the next few years, management went on to claim that three Fortune 500 companies could use the token within three years and that number could rise […]