Cardano Altcoins Experience Explosive Price Surges, Dan Forecasts Potential Market Dips


TapTools reports that several native cryptocurrencies launched on the Cardano platform have experienced significant price surges recently. For example, BANK has seen a rise of 19.66% and an astonishing increase of 2.64K% within the last week. Similarly, the meme coin SNEK has surged by 39.84%, showing a remarkable growth of 135.9% over the course of […]

Liechtenstein-Based Bank Now Adopts Bitcoin and Ethereum

LGT Bank, the largest bank in Liechtenstein, recently announced the commencement of cryptocurrency services to its clients. Therefore, LGT Bank clients can make transactions in the world’s two-largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to an official report by the bank on Wednesday, 5th May 2022, the initiative prompted LGT Bank to partner […]