AI Offers Insights into Shiba Inu Scams Possible Motives

AI Offers Insights into Shiba Inu Scams Possible Motives

The motives behind the persistent attacks against the Shiba Inu community have been clarified by an AI bot on Discord called “Bad Idea AI Bot.” According to AI, the attacks on the community result from skepticism about the worth of cryptocurrencies, attention-seeking behavior, and perceived rivalry. The Shiba Inu ecosystem’s content marketing specialist, Lucie, tweeted […]

Microsoft Bing’s AI Provides Prediction for Shiba Inu Price in June

Shiboshis NFT

Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to be influenced by both positive and negative market sentiments, leading to a debate among investors. Some believe that the asset has hit its lowest point and anticipates an upward trend, while others are concerned about potential further declines. Interestingly, Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot has weighed in on the matter, offering […]

Solana & ChatGPT: How High Can Solana (SOL) Go With This Integration?

Is Solana (SOL) Poised to Be the Best Performing Asset in 2023?

The enthusiasm surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows no signs of diminishing. Various companies across different industries have been actively exploring and experimenting with this technology.  Several well-known companies have begun incorporating AI into their fundamental business models. Solana Labs is an example of such a company. Solana Labs recently officially integrated AI into its network […]

Terra Classic Set to Integrate AI for LUNC Burn; What to Expect?

Terra Classic Keeps Dropping; Down 17% in the Past Week

Block Entropy, an application chain powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can potentially transform the chain, is set to be integrated into Terra Classic (LUNC). This integration might raise the Price of LUNC. Recent images of the product’s partially finished whitepaper were released by Edward Kim, a key developer of the Terra classic blockchain, who […]