Cardano (ADA) Faces 2.26% Decline Today, Continuing Its Recent Dip

Cardano: Crypto Crow and Panel Discuss ADA's Future Amidst CBDC Controversy

Cardano (ADA), one of the prominent cryptocurrencies in the market, has been facing a downward trend as it experiences a 2.26% decline in its price today. This decline adds to the ongoing woes for Cardano, which has been struggling to regain its bullish momentum recently. This article will delve into the factors contributing to Cardano’s […]

Cardano Attains Another Important Milestone Moving Closer to its Smart Contract Launch

CFund Plan to Supports the Adoption of Cardano Ecosystem

According to the IOHK announcement, Cardano has officially entered the Alonzo White phase of launching its smart contract. Cardano to Increase Number of Testers and Features  At this stage, it will significantly increase the number of testers and add more features. As reported by U. Today, Cardano launched its first test network, Alonzo Blue, at […]

Cardano Price Analysis: ADA Expects Bullish Move After Breakout

Cardano Hodler's Surge as ADA's Institutional and Retail Demand Peaked

Cardano prices have been in a downtrend since June 3, with no significant higher highs, indicating that the market is being haunted by the bears. As ADA is trading in a tight range it will consolidate between two converging trendlines and a big breakout is expected. Will Cardano Price Movement be a Fakeout? Cardano’s price […]