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Strong Opposition to Allocation of 50% LUNC Burns To Community Pool

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The LUNC community is enraged by a recent proposal to donate 50% of all LUNC burns to the community pool to finance on-chain development.

Yesterday, @reXxTerraRebels, AKA reXx, alerted the community to a fresh proposal that would give the community pool 50% of all token burns to pay for development that is currently up for a vote on the Terra Station.

Hours later, the proposition was also shared by local influencer Classy. Like reXx, he chose not to weigh in on the matter.

Cosmos Capybara, a Cosmos validator, created the proposal. According to the request with ID 10983, the community pool is drastically underfunded, endangering the ability of the neighborhood to pay for expensive development projects. 

Therefore, according to Cosmos Capybara, the right course of action is to adjust a setting so that 50% of all Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) at the end of each epoch TerraClassicUSD (USTC) burns are allocated to the community pool.

According to the proposal, this parameter adjustment would have allowed the community to give 400% more money to the community pool at the end of the previous epoch, which ran from November 21 to November 28. 

According to Cosmos Capybara, if the neighborhood wants to continue being self-sufficient, it needs a communal pool with adequate funding.

Many Terra Classic Community Members Are Against the Proposal

According to the comments, most Terra Classic players are adamantly opposed to it. For instance, if his validator chose “yes,” one user threatened to delegate his tokens elsewhere.

Some people’s main concern is how the over 6 trillion LUNC supply reduction will affect the already sluggish rate of LUNC burns. 

Others worry that the idea would endanger the community’s relationship with Binance and other unaffiliated backers who burn LUNC tokens. 

Many people think the network ought to tax validator commissions instead.

It is important to note that not all of the reception was negative. For instance, one user brought up a previously publicized development that the Terra Rebels would shortly switch to a paid working model. 

In light of this, he contends that funding the pool is essential for the community to eventually fund development initiatives.

The community’s choice of development funding strategy may be crucial to the network’s future development. 

Quality coders are unlikely to labor for free permanently, in the end. Without a setting that encourages enhanced utility, the community’s ambitious objectives risk failing.

Discussions in the community about developer funding are still very heated. Notably, the community pool receives 10% of all LUNC burns under the present burn tax parameter scheme.

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