Step-by-step Guide on how to buy Baby Doge in Trust wallet

Step-by-step Guide on how to buy Baby Doge in Trust wallet
Step-by-step Guide on how to buy Baby Doge in Trust wallet

Launched in June 2021, Baby Doge proved an instant hit, skyrocketing in price (up to 1,000%) in its first two weeks.

However, this increase was followed by an almost drastic decline. Everything is back up and running, all thanks to a tweet from cryptocurrency lord Elon Musk suggesting Baby Doge tokens could become scarce and valuable in the near future.

In this article, we will be discussing a step-by-step guide on how to buy Baby Doge in Trust wallet.

what is Baby Doge

Baby Doge is a cryptocurrency application protocol that rewards holders directly while ensuring liquidity continues to grow with every transaction.

The creators of Baby Doge claim that cryptocurrencies have a place in society, and the way they are used is clear, but they wanted to do something different. They will help by offering charities the opportunity to receive donations through cryptocurrency exchanges.

The CEO believes that this project will give people more motivation to use cryptocurrencies, and through this platform, they will raise cryptocurrency awareness to the highest level.

Step-by-step Guide on how to buy Baby Doge in Trust wallet

  • Select Wallet -> Tokens -> Smart Chain
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  • Select ‘BUY’ in the top right
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  • Select the amount you would like to purchase (minimum 50$)
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  • Complete signup with Moon Pay; when you have completed the signup and purchased, you should see a screen similar to this
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  • Once the process has completed, your wallet should show the coins you previously purchased
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  • Select I understand and then select Import
  • Select the 3 line icon and set slippage to 12%. Without this, you will be unable to swap
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  • Close the modal and enter the amount of BNB you want to swap, and select Unlock Wallet
  • A dialogue will appear, and it is important you select Wallet Connect. Select Trust Wallet will ultimately fail
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  • Now select Trust Wallet. The screen should look similar to below
  • This will open Trust Wallet on your phone and present you with a dialogue. Select Connect
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  • Once connected, it is important that you do NOT select cancel and instead swipes out of the app and go back to the browser
  • You should now be able to select SWAP
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  • When prompted with this dialogue, select Confirm Swap
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  • If done successfully, you should see a message similar to below
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  • Return to Trust Wallet and disconnect pancake swap using the cancel button
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  • In a few minutes, you should now see your updated balance inside the Trust Wallet.
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