Significant Growth for Shiba Inu as Binance Pay Adds Support

Binance holds Reserves of Over 87 Trillion Shiba Inu
Binance holds Reserves of Over 87 Trillion Shiba Inu

Binance Pay now supports Shiba Inu, as anticipated. Binance announced its support in a recent post. The world’s most important exchange writes:

“Binance has added ALPINE, APE, BIDR, BNX, BSW, CAKE, COTI, GALA, HIGH, PORTO, SANTOS, SFP, SHIB, USDT and XNO to the list of supported cryptocurrencies on Binance Pay.”

The news follows Binance’s addition of Shiba Inu to its Binance Card in September.

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Binance Pay is a simple, borderless, and secure method of sending and receiving cryptocurrency from your mobile devices. With no gas fees, you may send cryptocurrency to friends and family by email, phone number, Binance ID (UID), or Pay ID.

Users can also spend cryptocurrency at retailers and businesses that accept Binance Pay. Binance Pay Order allows you to select which cryptocurrencies to spend in your preferred order.

Binance Pay now accepts over 70 cryptocurrencies and is widely accepted by leading merchants around the world, including, SettlePay, Alchemy Pay, and others.

Most recently, the Top Ukrainian Supermarket, Romania’s largest ticketing system, 29 shopping malls, and 13 hotels Binance Pay has enabled crypto payments in the UAE.

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