Shiba Inu’s Welly Becomes Uber Eats’ Top-Rated Fast-Food Store

Shiba Inu

Welly, a Shiba Inu-themed blockchain-based restaurant, has been named one of the best “Uber Eats” restaurants for the past three months. The App that delivers food to people’s doorsteps in minutes demonstrates that Welly has amassed enough fame over time.

The “UBER EATS” Italian app screenshot shows that welly is the most eaten, best in delivery, and highest rated Fast-Food Store.

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Shiba Inu entered the IRL industry for the first time on February 2nd, announcing a deep partnership with Welly, a blockchain-based Italian fast food restaurant.

Shiba Inu’s Welly is currently considering expanding globally. As a result, the burger joint is carefully reviewing more than 300 franchise expansion applications worldwide.

Welly Teases the Community on Its First Franchise

According to recent reports, Welly is almost ready to sign its first franchise agreement. However, the company refused to reveal the party’s name but assured Shiba Inu Community that its franchise would open soon.

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Welly announced on July 28 that it had signed a contract with world-renowned architect Christophe Penasse of Masquespacio Studio to design and structure the concept of each Welly restaurant in an innovative way. Christophe Penasse has worked in various countries and received numerous international awards for his restaurant designs.


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