Shiba Inu’s Lead Developer Slams Former Team Member For Spreading Fake Information to the Community 


Shiba Inu’s team lead, Shytoshi Kusama, recently called out a group of individuals who are determined to spread false rumours about the project to harm the SHIB ecosystem, including investors.

According to a Medium blog post published today, Kusama stated that some internal team members with private and delicate information left the SHIB ecosystem and joined other projects over six months ago.

While wishing them well, the lead developer singled out Don Julio, an ex-member who tried to ruin the SHIB ecosystem.

Shiba Inu’s Team Lead Warns Fudders

Kusama spent time in his posting asking why some people would plan to ruin the SHIB ecosystem.

“I’ve spent too much time staring at Don Julio asking why fudders like you want to harm us […] What is your goal? Is it to harm the project? To harm people who have done nothing but try to make SHIB the best it can be? Is it to push the price down so you can buy the dip?” 

He added that the former SHIB team member treads carefully as the entire cryptocurrency market deals with more significant issues, way bigger than anyone in the crypto industry.

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“Whatever your intention, please understand that there are forces at work here larger than you or me and that you should tread carefully when attacking people for literally no reason at all,” Kusama added.

Kusama called on the fudder to look into his soul and discover his true nature because shortly, everyone will bear the consequences of their actions.

SHIB Proving Doubters Wrong in the Past

The second biggest memecoin is not new to attacks from a few members of the crypto community who plan to spread fear, uncertainty and doubts about the SHIB project.

Kusama had previously called out a few pessimists for saying the “dogecoin killer” team was not building its decentralised exchange as announced in early 2021. However, the SHIB team made doubters eat their words by rolling out the decentralised exchange a year ago, introducing more utility into its ecosystem.

Unsurprisingly, some doubters still called out the SHIB team by spreading a false rumour that the partnership with top luxury fashion designer, John Richmond, was incorrect.

Nevertheless, the partnership has advanced pretty well as John Richmond recently released some designs featuring the Shiba Inu mascot, causing Shytoshi to ridicule the cynic minds.

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